Years of Pain Gone
W.L., Washington, USA

When I was diagnosed with hepatitis C approximately 35 years ago, I was in constant pain from the inflammation of my liver working overtime trying to do its job in my body. I had a lot of headaches, a lot of fatigue, general malaise, and a lot of times I couldn’t really do much. I’m a single father and I’ve got to make dinner, clean the house, and go to work to earn a living. It was a hard life.

Experts in the field gave me many tests to determine what could be done for me. I was put on interferon medication. After 3 months, the doctor decided it wasn’t working for me and took me off of it. I was happy about this because it made me really sick. They take blood tests to check liver enzyme levels, which are an indication of how well the liver is working. Nothing had changed with my liver enzyme levels.

Approximately 6 months ago, I met a friend who had a pulser unit attached to his wrist. It had a little arm band and it looked kind of crazy. He said I had to try it. He also had hepatitis C. He was all excited and animated about the use of this pulser. I was willing to try anything so I strapped on a wrist pulsing unit.

It gave me a little tingling feeling. I was feeling so poorly that day that I just wanted to turn around and go home. I lay down I was feeling so bad. I had a headache that was beating in my head, my side ached and I was very low energy. He wouldn’t let me go. He just kept telling me about Dr. Beck and his research. He told me about the use of ionic colloidal silver, making your own and drinking a small amount every day, and also about blood electrification.

I really didn’t want to hear all the explanation because I felt like I had the flu. I just wanted to get out of there, but he was a very engaging person, very friendly and he just kept talking and telling me about the history of it. At one point, after an hour or so, I started to laugh because he said something funny. Then I thought to myself, I must be feeling better because I’m laughing. I mean, that was the last thing I thought about doing that day was laughing and being happy about something. So I started thinking, wow, I think this is working! This is fantastic and after about another hour of listening, my headache was gone. I decided to go down to the gym and work out. I went and worked out and I did my normal routine, headed home to make dinner and I’ve just been doing handstands about this ever since. I’ve just been so excited.

I wear the wrist pulsing unit every day for a couple of hours, drink a small amount of ionic colloidal silver, and drink scads of water. I’m always looking for a restroom. But, that’s okay. It’s making me feel so much better. I have a new life today because I found a way to help my own body, which is what I’ve always wanted to do with supplements, proper nutrition, rest, and all the things you think of when you think of a healthy lifestyle.

I did blood electrification judiciously every day for 6 months. Then I went to my family doctor whom I have been seeing for the past 12 years. Through those years he’s taken blood samples from me and tested my liver enzyme levels. During these 12 years, my enzyme levels had been steadily increasing which is not a good sign. I had been feeling so much better that I wanted to confirm in my own mind that this was working. They took blood. One of the nurses called me from the doctor’s office and said that my enzyme levels were down dramatically and looked great, that I had really improved and whatever I was doing, to just keep doing it. I’ve been using the wrist pulsing unit. I know that is what has made the difference because I’m not doing anything else differently in my life.

In addition to the wrist pulsing unit, I acquired the magnetic pulsing unit. I’ve been using that for about two months and I believe that is also helping me. I hold it right over my liver for about 20 minutes a day.

I never told my doctor why my tests were better because I just don’t believe that the doctor is going to think that what I’m doing is helping me. I’ve pretty much given up on doctors for the most part. The only time I go to the doctor now is if I were to break my wrist or something and need a cast.

Throughout the time that I’ve been using the wrist pulsing unit and magnetic pulsing unit the only side effects I experienced was a slight rash and a little redness on my wrist from the electrodes. I put some ointment on it and that’s pretty much taken care of it.

There’s been nothing for over 30 years that’s made me feel like I’m taking back my life until I started using this. If there’s anyone out there that’s suffering from some disease that they have in their body, I would strongly recommend that they try blood purification with a wrist pulser. I feel so much better. I feel clearer, more energetic and I don’t have the constant pain in my side anymore. I don’t get colds, I don’t get sick and I don’t even bother to get a flu shot. I don’t need it. I’m able to do my parental duties and I have a business that I’m able to function at and I’ve started doing my artwork again, which I had dropped doing years ago because I was so sick. I didn’t want to do anything more than what I absolutely had to do every day. So, today, because of the wrist pulsing unit and magnetic pulsing unit, I’m feeling so much healthier. If I don’t wear it everyday, then I miss it. I’ll remember and I’ll put it on when I’m at home reading a book or something, so that I get my couple of hours a day of my blood electrification because I really believe that it’s doing a lot for my body. It’s hard to describe it—I just feel like a normal person today and want to share this information with everybody.

W.L., Washington, USA
\ I had a headache that was beating in my head, my side ached and I was very low energy. \
Update - Three Years Later
Three years later, I use my equipment daily most times. I do blood electrification for an hour or two per day 5 days a week. I even started pulsing with a unit on each arm. Then I'll stop for a few months and pick it up again. I have stayed in good health using the blood electrification unit and drinking Ionic Colloidal Silver. It's like any other natural way of healing, very subtle but certainly effective. It has been the only thing I have tried that has made a discernable difference in my health. I regularly eat raw veggies, make healthy smoothies, exercise, drink lot of water, etc… but pulsing 5 days a week for a couple of hours has produced more of a noticeable difference than all the rest. I never tire of telling people about it when they ask. I'm very happy to have discovered the Beck Protocol and for me, the units have make a marvelous difference in my life. Thank you very much.
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