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The Healing Power of Harmonic Frequencies

Cranial electro stimulation uses harmonic frequencies to help balance the brain's chemistry. This empowers the brain to balance brain chemicals and brain function. It enables the brain to optimize communication sent to the heart...the lungs...throughout the entire body. At a very basic level, harmonic frequencies help "fine tune" the communication system in the body so it functions more efficiently, setting the stage for any healing that needs to take place.

Image of Woman Wearing Brain Tuner

One man’s story of how using the Brain Tuner improved his health in several areas.

M.K. Ohio USA View Testimonial
M.K. Ohio USA

Dealing with deteriorating mental functioning, lack of ability to concentrate at meetings, and anxiety until the Brain Tuner restores mental faculties and peace of mind.

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Quick Recovery from Addiction brings Awareness of CES

Back in January 1983, Omni magazine featured an article by Kathleen McAuliffe simply titled “Brain Tuner” about rock superstar Peter Townshend—not about his career but rather about his remarkable recovery from a severe addiction.

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Harmonic Frequencies

Harmonic Frequencies to Balance the Brain

This article provides historical evidence for the use of harmonic frequencies for healing as well as research specific to the use of cranial electro stimulation (CES)—for addictions, anxiety, depression, pain and more. The role of the FDA in the United States to limit the availability of CES despite decades of effective use is also featured. Includes excerpts from three books that featured Bob Beck's Brain Tuner.

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Why Use the Brain Tuner? For Your Health & Quality of Life.

By connecting with the body's control center—the brain—harmonic frequencies provide wide-ranging and extensive benefits in a painless and non-invasive manner, with little or no side effects:

  • Relieves stress - restores a sense of calm through relaxing harmonic frequencies. Calms the sympathetic nervous system helping to reduce internal stress levels.
  • Regain mental acuity and clarity – by balancing neurotransmitters.
  • Helps with addictions & cravings – without withdrawal symptoms. Help with addictions is among the many benefits reported by researchers.
  • Relief from insomnia – by relaxing the brain and bringing calm to the body, users report the ability to sleep better.
  • Enhance meditation experiences – increase focus, awareness, and attention by achieving a state of balance.
  • Pain management – relaxation, combined with mental and emotional balance, facilitate coping mechanisms for pain.
  • How to Use

    Image of Person Wearing Brain Tuner Earclips

    To use the Brain Tuner, it's simply a matter of attaching ear clips with conductive rubber electrodes to the ear lobes. For relaxation purposes, typical use is from 20-40 minutes or more per session. Whether doing one session or multiple sessions per day is a personal choice based on your needs. Use for a minimum of 30 consecutive days, in order to enjoy lasting effects..

    Although Bob Beck originally stressed the importance of limiting each session to a maximum of 40 minutes we've since learned there is no specific maximum time for Brain Tuner use. A psychologist shared with us that he tells his clients to use the Brain Tuner daily and also at the onset of symptoms and for as long as necessary. Individual needs vary person to person so allow yourself to try different sessions to learn what works best.

    With consistent daily use, it's best to vary the settings from time to time to keep the brain from acclimatizing or adapting to any one setting.

    Although harmonic frequencies delivered by the Brain Tuner are not part of the four-step Protocol, the Brain Tuner is supportive of the Protocol, providing yet another tool to achieve and maintain good physical and emotional health.
  • Bob Beck, The Inventor

    Image of Bob Beck

    Inspired by the work of Ray Gilmer of Neuro Systems Inc. and Dr. Meg Patterson of Neuroelectric Therapy, Bob used his knowledge of brain and earth frequencies to design a simple-to-use, pocket-sized CES unit, the "Brain Tuner".

    Bob knew, however, that by identifying the Brain Tuner as a CES device, availability would be restricted only to those able to attain doctor's prescriptions. Instead, Bob chose to identify the Brain Tuner as a relaxation device, making it available to individuals worldwide.

    Bob Beck explains the technology behind the Brain Tuner:

    "This device generates certain frequencies, certain wave forms, certain pulse repetition rates, that absolutely, unequivocally stimulates the brain to produce its own neurotransmitters in the beneficial ranges."
Image Reading Beck Protocol Handbook

For More Information

We've compiled a list of resources on harmonic frequencies and the Brain Tuner. Whenever possible, we've included free, downloadable sources.

  • Brain Tuner Audio Lecture and Transcription

    This 1983 lecture by Bob Beck was given when he launched the Brain Tuner. Bob tells the story of how his Brain Tuner came to be and how it works. He also provides insight about people who were involved in cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) research in earlier years.

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  • Omni Magazine Article

    The cover of the January 1983 issue announces "The Black Box: Secret Drug Treatment of Rock Superstars." Inside, an article by Kathleen McAuliffe, titled "Brain Tuner," featured Dr. Margaret Patterson and her work in helping rock star Pete Townshend overcome his addiction. This article inspired Bob Beck to develop his Brain Tuner.

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  • Electricity for Health in the 21st Century Carole Punt

    If you want to better understand the electrical nature of our bodies, Electricity for Health in the 21st Century will take you on a fascinating journey through the body and the history of electromedicine.

    Gain an appreciation for the pioneers who unraveled the secrets of our electrical nature, discovering the body’s natural ability to regain health. Walk with the author as she discovers how products and foods either enhance or inhibit our electrical systems and our health. This booklet helps the reader discover how our bodies function electrically—in simple, easy-to-understand language. A section is devoted to research that helps to explain twelve ways the Beck units assist in restoring health.

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