20 Years of Addictions Abated
P.V., British Columbia, Canada

I was drinking on a weekly basis at the age 16. I believe I was an alcoholic by age 18. At age 36, I began using the Brain Tuner for 2 sessions of 20 minutes each day. After 4 days, I did not crave a drink anymore!

I have been to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and it helped somewhat but did not work as a permanent solution. I've tried many different medications for OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), SAD (social anxiety disorder) and alcoholism. It was the book "Transformed by the Light'' that got me into using electricity to alter brain chemistry, serotonin and endorphins. I discovered that there are devices that produce small electrical charges that increase the endorphin levels and possibly the dopamine levels as well.

I purchased a Brain Tuner. During the first 60 days of using the Brain Tuner, I continued to experience more and more benefits. It was cumulative. I felt a lot more relaxed. I began to enjoy simple everyday activities like walking my dog, Chewy, more. I felt more joy and spirituality. My sleep improved. My girlfriend noticed I was less hyper and anxious. I did not desire to drink anymore and felt personally satisfied and fulfilled.

After 2 months, I went on to a maintenance schedule. My maintenance schedule is now one 20-minute session per month at the most if I feel I need it. I continue to feel more relaxed and less tense. I am nicer and more fun. I honestly believe that the Brain Tuner has permanently changed my brain chemistry for the better.

Staying off alcohol is now a breeze and if I do drink, I can easily stop after drinking just a little. I was an alcoholic. Now my cravings to drink are gone. I picked up an alcoholic cooler (7%) and started drinking it. After drinking 3/4, I did not desire to finish it and poured what was left of it out. As of now, I am convinced that I am no longer an alcoholic. Time will tell if that is truly the case.

I am calmer and less aggressive in my behaviour, making me a nicer guy. The Brain Tuner deserves more attention than it is receiving. I highly recommend the Brain Tuner to everyone who wishes to overcome an addiction.

P.V., British Columbia, Canada
\ I've tried many different medications for OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), SAD (social anxiety disorder) and alcoholism. \
Update - Two Months Later
I realized I did not enjoy drinking so I quit all together. I discovered St. John's Wort and it enhances the effects of the Brain Tuner even more. I feel truly blessed now after 20 years of struggling with alcoholism and an anxiety disorder. Cheers!
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