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The Bob Beck Protocol

With units you can use in the comfort of your own home, the four elements of the Protocol work together to assist the body to build and maintain a healthy way of life. They also work independently so you can customize your own protocol.

The Beck Protocol consists of four elements:

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"I had a very busy and active life until one day, 9 years ago. I walked into my local grocery store and bought some processed meat, which put me in the hospital the same day..."

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Electricity for Health in the 21st CenturyCarole Punt

Electricity for Health in the 21st Century will take you on a fascinating journey through the body and the history of electromedicine.

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"I was sick with lyme disease and through the Bob Beck Protocol, I was able to regain my health..."

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Kaali patent scan #5,188,738

“ provide electric current flow through the blood or other body fluids at a magnitude that is biologically compatible but is sufficient to render the bacteria, virus, parasites and/or fungus ineffective to infect or affect normally healthy cells.”

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Read the Guide to Using the Beck Protocol

Guide to Using the Beck Protocol

This Guide offers step-by-step instructions on how to use each of the four parts of the Beck Protocol … how often, how long, what to expect, and more. This Guide also offers suggestions for a more intensive program as well as providing insights gained by experience with the Protocol.

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  • Wrist Pulsing (Blood Electrification)

    A simple way to support the body's electrical systems, gently energizing the blood with microcurrents of electricity. The microcurrents stimulate and encourage the body's natural ability to heal itself. Wrist pulsing is the first and principal part of the Beck Protocol.

  • Pulsed Magnetic Fields (PEMF)

    As part two of the Beck Protocol, pulsed magnetic fields complement wrist pulsing. Pulsed magnetic fields can target specific areas of the body and are able to reach more deeply into the tissues. The healing capabilities of nature and science blend together into a safe and effective health-giving technology called "pulsed magnetic fields."

  • Ionic Colloidal Silver

    Looking for something with a proven track record of killing germs and promoting healing? The Father of Western Medicine, Hippocrates, wrote of using silver for wound care over 2,000 years ago! Part three of the Beck Protocol: Ionic Colloidal Silver.

  • Ozonated Drinking Water

    Part four of the Beck Protocol involves drinking super-oxygenated water saturated with ozone (O3) — revitalizing and rebuilding your body all the way down to the cellular level. What could be simpler than oxygen and water for health?

Bob Beck, the Inventor

The Beck Protocol originated in the creative and innovative mind of physicist Robert (Bob) C. Beck D.Sc. Bob considered the four steps of his health program his greatest gift to humankind and the high point in his life. Definitely ahead of his time, Bob Beck’s visionary Protocol clearly demonstrates “the future of medicine is electromedicine.