Returned to my Energetic Self
J.W., Ohio, USA

I was sick with lyme disease and through the Bob Beck Protocol, I was able to regain my health.

I was working at a Boy’s and Girl’s Club in California when I noticed a bulls-eye rash on my wrist. I started feeling really sick and getting headaches. I was getting joint pains, feeling like I had the flu all the time and I was just tired, achy and really weak.

I had been running about 5 miles a day at that time and I was really in shape. When I got this tick bite, it totally shut my immune system down. It got to where I could barely even get out of bed. It would be around noontime and I would throw myself literally out of bed, drive to work and work for 9 hours. I wouldn’t care about eating—I was never hungry. I just felt really sick.

I went to a doctor to find out what the rash was on my arm and he said that I had eczema. I tried the topical steroid cream he prescribed for awhile and the rash was not going away. I would have conversations on the phone with my Mom and she knew something was wrong. I told her I just couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t go to work, I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t eat. So, I had to move back in with my parents.

It was not normal for me to be sick like this—I was very healthy before this started. After several doctors said they didn’t know what was wrong and pretty much told me I was just very depressed. I took every test they gave me and absolutely everything was negative.

Then my cousin said something to me about the bulls-eye rash and that it looks like something she saw on TV called lyme disease. So, my Mom and I went to a couple more doctors. After being put on different kinds of antibiotics and nothing seemed to work, I finally found a doctor who would look into lyme disease and try to treat me for that. Finally, I got a positive test result for lymes. My doctor put me on antibiotics. It didn’t help me. They don’t know the exact treatment for lyme disease to this day. It’s still pretty much a trial situation for people with lyme disease. When I was on an intravenous antibiotic, I seemed to do better for awhile. After a couple of months I started to fall back into my same headaches, joint pain, flu-like symptoms … it just kind of went in circles. I ended up having to get a job because I need to pay for all of this. My insurance wouldn’t cover it. I looked into teaching jobs and found one in California. I moved and the first couple of months were miserable. I was miserable. I would call home and finally my Mom said, “these antibiotics that you’re on, they’re not working for you, we need to try something different.”

She searched over the Internet looking for different kinds of therapy—anything to help. She found blood electrification on the Internet and looked into it. I remember her saying that she read it over about a hundred times. She knew this was going to be the one thing that was going to help me. So, she ordered a unit and sent it to me. She had tried it on herself to make sure everything was okay. I was a little skeptical at first but I tried it. My Mom just kept saying, “Keep doing it!” I started slow at 15 minutes the first couple of nights and then I moved it to 30 minutes and then gradually to 45 minutes, then an hour, then an hour and a half and finally 2 hours. I was also taking 2 or more cups of ionic colloidal silver throughout the day. The other thing I was doing was using the magnetic pulsing unit on my joints because they hurt so badly. I would place the hand paddle on the joints that hurt. I would put it anywhere I had joint pain, even on the back of my neck. After about a week or so, I got really sick. I knew that it was the impurities coming out of my body. I kept plugging on and my Mom encouraged me to keep with it for at least 3 months.

After the second month, I didn’t feel that I had made any progress. After the third month, it was like everything just clicked and I started feeling great. Little by little, I was regaining my health. I was getting my spirit back and I was happy again. I wasn’t depressed because that is just another symptom of lyme disease. There were a couple of times that I started to fall back. My Mom just kept reminding me that my body was detoxing—it was getting all these toxins out, so just to stick with it. At Christmas time I flew home to visit my family. I was so excited because I felt better. My family noticed the change in me too.

After doing the Beck Protocol for about a year, I was totally free from a lot of the symptoms. I felt 100% better. I could do so many things I had never been able to do while I was sick. I think those 4 items (blood electrification, ionic colloidal silver, magnetic pulsing and oxygen drops in water) combined helped me to regain my health. Ever since, I’ve been feeling great. I’ve never had anymore problems. As a matter of fact, I should probably take a test just to see if I am positive or negative for lyme disease. I’m sure it would be negative because I don’t have any symptoms—no nausea, depression or joint pain. They’re gone!

I am back being physically active. I bought a bike for the first time and I love it. I can hike in the mountains without getting tired. If it hadn’t been for my Mom and her research in finding an alternative, I would probably still be sick. I’m very thankful, as I feel wonderful. I’ve been teaching and I’ve been enjoying life ever since.

I definitely feel that my immune system was boosted because of blood electrification and magnetic pulsing. I know that this is what brought me to my health now. If I could pass one thing on to someone who is suffering, I would say if something is not working, try something else. Look for a natural therapy or something new. People are all around you that have tried different alternatives and there are answers out there, so just keep looking.

J.W., Ohio, USA
\ I got to where I could barely even get out of bed. \
Update - Two Years Later
I am pregnant now. Recently I was having some heart palpitations. I was a little concerned so I went to the doctor. He was going to put me on some antibiotics and I told him there was something I would rather try before that. I used Ionic~Colloidal Silver instead. I’m so thankful I have been given another chance to celebrate life and to be happy. I can do the things I used to do and I’m healthy.
Update - 12 Years Later
Clear of symptoms for 12 years now, Jill is happy and upbeat. She is expecting her 3rd child.
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