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Image Man Magnetic Pulsing Shoulder

Looking for the Beck Units?

We recommend the products made by SOTA Instruments. We know the products and we know their units meet Bob's specifications. They've been around since 1996 and they give great customer service..

To check out the SOTA units, visit

Why do we only recommend SOTA Instruments?

Bob fully endorsed the SOTA products. The owner of SOTA worked closely with Bob, was heir to all of Bob's effects and so knows more about Bob's protocol than anyone else.

At we feel a great responsibility to ensure that those wanting to use the Beck Protocol, especially people who are struggling with their health, have access to products that meet Bob's specifications. Unfortunately, there are manufacturers using Bob's name yet their products do not meet Bob's specifications. We have tested several products, some meet Bob's specifications and others do not. It is really buyer beware. In addition, we have come across many websites with incorrect information on usage of the protocol which can do harm.

If we open the door to recommending more manufacturers, then we have to start monitoring these company's websites to ensure accurate information as well as periodically testing their products. At this time, we just don't have the resources to do this.

We know the SOTA products will always meet Bob's specifications and are built to last a lifetime.

We take our responsibility very seriously, and thus why SOTA is the only recommended source at this time.