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Beck Protocol

Ailments & Benefits

Results with Magnetic Pulsing are a “WOW!”

Chronic pain, allergies and sinus problems since childhood, were all affecting J.R.’s quality of life. Thanks to magnetic pulsing, he’s inhaler and allergy medicine free … and his back pain? Gone.

Colloidal Silver, Magnetic Pulsing, Allergies, Back Pain, Colon Conditions, Inflammation, Pain, Sinus Conditions, Spine Conditions
Perseverance and Patience = No More Pain

Using pulsed magnetic fields was a surprise for this chronic pain sufferer. Sometimes it’s worth pushing through the discomfort to get the results we’re hoping for.

Magnetic Pulsing, Pain
1st Aid Kit in a Bottle… of Colloidal Silver!

This busy mom chooses colloidal silver for her family’s health. For one son’s health issue, she decides to forgo her doctor’s recommendation for antibiotics.

Colloidal Silver, Bacterial, Eye Conditions, Infection
Electromagnetic Pulser Brings Relief and Hope

After years of suffering, pulsed magnetic fields provide instant relief from Morgellons and brings back hope for one woman.

Magnetic Pulsing, Infection, Morgellons Disease, Nerve Conditions, Pain, Skin Conditions, Skin Conditions, Toothache
Colloidal Silver Saves Wounded Cat

When her adult daughter came to her for help with her severely-wounded cat, CM brought out her arsenal...of colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver, Animals & Pets, Infection, Wound
Brain Tuner Brings Woman “A New Life”

Dealing with anxiety, negative thoughts, procrastination, and mental insecurities practically brought her life to a standstill. The Brain Tuner helped turn things around—overnight!

Brain Tuner, Anxiety, Brain Conditions, Depression, Emotional Wellbeing, Headaches, Mental Disorder, Mental Disorder, Mental Disorder, Mental Function, Mental Function, Migraines, OCD Obsessive Compulsive, Relaxation, Sleep Issues
Pulsed Magnetic Fields Aid Pain and Healing

When your profession is working with horses, injuries are part of the job. Dealing with pain is not. This woman found the solution to her pain by using pulsed magnetic fields from a magnetic pulser.

Magnetic Pulsing, Bone Conditions, Broken Bone, Fracture, Joint Conditions, Pain, Sports Injury
Pulsed Magnetic Fields Change the Game

Life became a struggle for LM after a work-related accident: “It just got to the point where I was nervous about doing anything physical.” Things turned around after discovering the Beck Protocol…

Magnetic Pulsing, Back Pain, Energy, Fatigue, Nerve Conditions, Pain, Pain, Sciatica, Sleep Issues, Spine Conditions
Ionic Silver Does a Family Good

A father recounts various successes his family experienced from using colloidal silver and the Beck units.

Colloidal Silver, Magnetic Pulsing, Dental Conditions, Energy, Fatigue, Headaches, Memory Issues, Mental Function, Migraines
Blood Pressure Woes Resolved with Brain Tuner

Shocked at a high blood pressure reading of 172/91, SW was on a crusade to lower her BP without prescription meds. The answer was already sitting at home in a little gray case…

Brain Tuner, Blood Pressure, Heart Conditions, Relaxation
Ozonated Water Relieves Severe Abdominal Pain

Drinking ozonated water helps one man heal his stomach and gain back his appetite.

Water Ozonation, Bacterial, Digestion, Infection, Ulcers
Hip Replacement Surgery No Longer Likely

One hip replacement was more than enough in JH's opinion. Her doctor's prediction that her other hip would also need replacing soon was all the motivation she needed...

Magnetic Pulsing, Arthritis, Inflammation, Joint Conditions, Pain
Beck Protocol Zaps Cancer Threat in 6 Weeks

After ultrasound showed structures on her ovaries, one woman turns to the Beck Protocol to avoid surgery.

Colloidal Silver, Magnetic Pulsing, Micropulsing, Water Ozonation, Cancer, Lung Conditions
Scoliosis Pain is History Thanks to Pulsing

Using pulsed magnetic fields in conjunction with a healthy diet and Pilates helped this 65-year-old woman enjoy life pain-free.

Magnetic Pulsing, Arthritis, Back Pain, Inflammation, Pain, Scoliosis, Spine Conditions
Remarkable Results From Ozonating Foot

Health and wellness coach uses ozonating techniques to save elderly man’s foot. He recalls: “On day 7, I couldn’t believe what was happening."

Water Ozonation, Circulation, Pain
Blue Skin but Feeling Great

Canadian develops argyria - too much of a good thing isn't necessarily good after all. Learn about his journey, and how he feels today. Spoiler alert: He feels great!

Colloidal Silver, Adverse Reactions, Argyria, Infection, Skin Conditions
Doctors Support Use of Micropulsing & Silver

Post surgery use of micropulsing and colloidal silver helps keep woman cancer free.

Colloidal Silver, Micropulsing, Cancer, Tumor
Magnetic Pulsing Postpones Tooth Extraction

Pulsed magnetic fields helps man find relief from a debilitating toothache and postpones extraction.

Magnetic Pulsing, Dental Conditions, Energy, Jaw, Pain, Toothache
Amputation Avoided with Magnetic Pulser

With the help of the magnetic pulser, woman saves her finger from cancer.

Magnetic Pulsing, Bone Conditions, Cancer, Pain, Skin Conditions
Anxiety and Worry Subside with Brain Tuner

One man’s long term anxiety and sleeplessness decreased with use of Brain Tuner.

Brain Tuner, Anxiety, Brain Conditions, Depression, Digestion, Emotional Wellbeing, Heartburn, Insomnia, Mental Disorder, Mental Disorder, Mental Function, Mental Function, Relaxation, Sleep Issues
Magnetic Pulsing Eliminates Fracture Pain

Man who almost shatters his hand in an accident, finds immediate pain relief with the magnetic pulser.

Magnetic Pulsing, Bone Conditions, Fracture, Muscle Conditions, Pain, Tendon Conditions
My Experience with Micropulsing and Silver

Not everyone is trying to address something specific when deciding to begin using a Beck unit. Micropulsing and colloidal silver use over 3-4 weeks lead to unanticipated across-the-board improvements.

Colloidal Silver, Micropulsing, Cataract, Cravings, Cyst, Dental Conditions, Dreams, Eye Conditions, Hair Conditions, Skin Conditions, Sleep Issues, Wound
A Tale of Two Fish Revived with Ozone

Ozone saves the life of two sick fish.

Water Ozonation, Animals & Pets, Bacterial, Infection, Infection, Parasites
Beck Protocol Eases Pain

The Beck Protocol helps UK woman to be pain-free.

Brain Tuner, Colloidal Silver, Magnetic Pulsing, Micropulsing, Water Ozonation, Aging, Anxiety, Arthritis, Emotional Wellbeing, Energy, Fibromyalgia, Inflammation, Inflammation, Mental Disorder, Mental Function
Profound Dreaming with Brain Tuner Use

One man’s experience of profound lucid dreaming using the Brain Tuner.

Brain Tuner, Dreams, Mental Function
Colloidal Silver Saves Injured Calf

Colloidal silver heals young bull’s potentially fatal wound caused by wolf attack.

Colloidal Silver, Micropulsing, Animals & Pets, Wound
Silver Benefits Man from Head to Toe

From balding to athlete's foot … one man uses colloidal silver from head to toe with amazing results.

Colloidal Silver, Athlete's Foot, Bacterial, Blood Conditions, Circulation, Fungal, Hair Conditions, Infection, Infection, Infection, Skin Conditions
Memory-Energy Levels Improve with Brain Tuner

Young woman experiences improved memory, focus and calm.

Brain Tuner, Addictions, Emotional Wellbeing, Energy, Memory Issues, Mental Function, Relaxation
Brain Tuner Helps Many Health Issues

One man’s story of how using the Brain Tuner improved his health in several areas.

Brain Tuner, ADD / ADHD, Addictions, Anxiety, Anxiety, Arthritis, Back Pain, Cravings, Emotional Wellbeing, Inflammation, Mental Disorder, Mental Disorder, Mental Function, Mental Function, Pain, Panic Attacks, Spine Conditions, Weight Issues
Pain Disappears from Injured Hand

One man’s miracle using the brain tuner for pain and Lyme.

Brain Tuner, Bacterial, Brain Conditions, Infection, Infection, Insect Bites, Lyme Disease, Pain, Viral
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