Beck Protocol Zaps Cancer Threat in 6 Weeks
P.V., Ontario, Canada

Not long ago I purchased the products to do the 4 step protocol. I had some issues with my ovaries and had my CA125 blood measurement done as part of my annual checkup. Results between 0-34 puts you in the safe zone but last year my number came back at 46 and my doctor was talking about the possibility of taking out my ovaries. I was in shock. Two different ultrasounds showed “structures” on the ovaries, one test showed issues on the right ovary and the other test from a different lab said the left. I was skeptical. Plus there was no way I was going through invasive surgery to find out if it was or it wasn’t. I decided to deal with it on my own.

I did the Bob Beck Protocol for 6 weeks. I was really positive and all along never thought I was ill with anything, so figured 6 weeks was a long enough time. I started very slowly on everything and worked up to about 45 minutes on the wrist pulsing unit and 40 minutes a day with the magnetic pulsing unit. I drank about 2 cups of ozonated water daily and worked up slowly to roughly 2 cups of the colloidal silver daily.

Shortly after finishing with the protocol, I was re-tested and my CA125 number showed 12. This was good news! At the time, I didn’t tell my doctor what I’d done but I did write her a letter later on and explained my process, in case she might want to share the info. I have led a healthy lifestyle for almost 30 years now; I’m a vegetarian and don’t consume alcohol, I eat clean and exercise regularly. I have a good emotional support system. I didn’t do anything differently while I was using the products. I don’t generally take supplements except for B12 and the occasional short term nutraceutical.

Another great side effect of doing this protocol is a fully recovered left lung. In the past I couldn't jog without experiencing breathing problems. It always felt like something heavy was on my lung. It was just too difficult. This went on for 9 years and I didn't tell my doctor because I knew she would want me to do an x-ray which I would never do. When I was doing the protocol I wasn't even thinking about my lung at all but about a month after finishing the protocol, it dawned on me that my lung felt completely better. Jogging is a breeze now. I haven’t used the products regularly since my 6 week protocol, but I do use the colloidal silver when I feel I need it.

Even before I started using the units, I was a firm believer in the Bob Beck Protocol. I had done a lot of research on alternative therapies because many of my friends have succumbed to illness. Miraculously, I stumbled upon a video on the internet which eventually led me to read two books on the electrical body and electrical medicine. When my own health issues arose, I was ready to deal with them.

If I could talk to Bob Beck or meet him, first off I’d give him a big hug and thank him profusely for changing my life and for sharing his amazing information with the world. He made me into a believer. I’d tell him that after years of avoiding science in school I now can’t get enough of physics and am fascinated by electricity.

My life has changed for the better in that my mind is now completely open to new ways of healing and I feel excellent! I am very grateful.

P.V., Ontario, Canada
\ My doctor was talking about the possibility of taking out my ovaries. \
Editors Note:
Please note that two hours per day is the recommended minimum time for pulsing on the wrist. In serious cases, many individuals use the protocol for many months and longer—up to several hours per day.
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