Scoliosis Pain is History Thanks to Pulsing
E.F., Louisiana, USA

I have scoliosis – curvature of the spine – but it didn't really start bothering me until my late 50s. It was intermittent pain, but there was a time when I could barely walk with the pain shooting down my legs...

I tried traditional medicine. The doctor gave me three epidurals in my back when I was around 63. I didn't want to keep putting steroids into my back so I quit that. I did yoga for a while and then switched to Pilates, which has helped tremendously.

Two years ago I was at my cousin's house. Her husband has shingles in his legs and was in a lot of pain. A man was there from Lafayette and he was using a magnetic pulsing unit, which was helping with the pain quite a bit. I'd never heard of a magnetic pulsing unit before. He said it's like a TENS unit but it goes deeper. Well, that did it for me 'cause I love my TENS unit. I ordered a magnetic pulsing unit.

I have a gift of doing things without expectations. I don't look for results – I just do them. That's how it was with the magnetic pulsing unit. I just put it by my chair and started using it without expecting anything would happen.

I learned you have to build up to pulsing; you can't just do 20 minutes from the start. I gradually worked up to two sessions a day. I use it along with meditating - it's a great way to time the meditation sessions, too. In the morning, I use the magnetic pulsing unit against the spot on my lower back while I meditate for 20 minutes. Then in the evening I meditate again for 20 minutes and use the magnetic pulsing unit on my spinal column.

It definitely keeps my lower back healthy. Do I think it works? Yes, I do. I think you have to be patient and I think you just have to stick with it. People want quick fixes but they need to be patient.

I've stuck to Pilates and I use my magnetic pulsing unit, day after day, and now I have zero pain. I can't say never - every now and then it flares up – but very, very rarely does it bother me.

I said I don't look for results... Well, my niece called me up after I'd been using the magnetic pulsing unit for about a year, and asked how I was doing. I guess I hadn't been paying too much attention, and her question made me realize I didn't have the back pain issues that I used to have. The only thing I was doing differently was using the magnetic pulsing unit. I love my unit.

I had breast cancer 25 years ago, and I don't know why me, but it was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. It was actually a gift; because one of the things I realized was that I'm responsible for my own health. I'm very proactive; I eat healthy - even though I'm Cajun, and it's hard to eat healthy in Cajun Country - I do Pilates; I meditate; I use the magnetic pulsing unit.

All I know is - within the past two years my back has been better. What's different is that I use the magnetic pulsing unit twice a day. If I have a pain, I go get my pulser, and the pain goes away. I love my pulser.

E.F., Louisiana, USA
\ There was a time when I could barely walk with the pain shooting down my legs… \
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