Heals Wounds in Hospital
D.W., India

For six years, I was in charge of the Dressing Room in the Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital in Whitefield, Bangalore, India. I loved the opportunity to help less privileged people in such a practical way. As all treatment in the hospitals of Sathya Sai Baba is free of cost, the poorest of the poor may benefit.

An English friend, who practices homeopathy, told me about colloidal silver. She gave me the machine to make it as long as I would supply her with colloidal silver, if she needed it. I also collected a lot of literature on the subject and began using it in the hospital. This was not to the complete exclusion of other treatments. I found it to be very effective, however, for many badly infected wounds. I used it on the ulcers of patients with hansens's disease, on diabetic feet, and on some bad burns that had become infected—always with excellent results! Doctors were impressed with what they saw and let me have a free hand. I was delighted when an American friend gave me a dark brown spray bottle, as it was so useful for applying colloidal silver to deep or widespread wounds.

Also, flies are numerous around here, so I use the colloidal silver for cleaning fruit and vegetables. It is wonderful to see droopy looking coriander, or other greens, come up as fresh as ever after a few minutes in water containing colloidal silver. In the garden, plants respond to watering and spraying with colloidal silver too.

I almost never have a cold, but if I do, and think of it, I take a teaspoon of colloidal silver every day. I am not in the habit of taking any medicine and I keep away from doctors as much as possible! Most things are passing clouds and are soon forgotten—well, that's been my healthy-minded experience.

I am very happy to add that my successor in the Dressing Room is continuing to use the colloidal silver, which I make and supply, with equal success.

Many thanks!

D.W., India
\ I used it on the ulcers of patients with hansens's disease, on diabetic feet, and on some bad burns that had become infected.. \
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