Grateful for Beck Protocol
A.M., California, USA

I am writing to let you know that I feel very blessed to have the Beck Protocol units in my home. I have used these units for over 6 years now as part of my overall health plan to maintain my health and zesty spirit at the age of 81 years. I have the wrist pulsing unit, the magnetic pulsing unit and the water ozonating unit.

I use these units in many ways to support my health and well-being. Quite a number of years ago I had a bladder infection and was on antibiotics for over 10 months. Then I discovered colloidal silver and started taking it. This cleared up my bladder infection and I continue to take a cup per day. If I feel a toothache coming on, I gargle with ionic colloidal silver and massage my gums with it. It saves me a $1200 trip to the dentist!

A philosophy I cheerfully adopt in my life is, “tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you what you are.” Daily, I take a liquid supplement that has all the vitamins & minerals necessary for my good health, and I also take evening primrose oil as it has many necessary oils for the body.

“We are what we eat and assimilate,” I say and so I believe in adhering to a vegetarian diet. Yesterday I began pulsing on the wrist for good health maintenance, and I am drinking two glasses of ozonated water per day— in the morning and the other in the evening.

I have learned that “God helps those who help themselves.” Thank you to Bob Beck for being a partner with me in my ongoing commitment to staying healthy.

A.M., California, USA
\ I had a bladder infection and was on antibiotics for over 10 months. \
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