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G & A. L., Oregon, USA

Here is a brief overview of how good blood electrification is for my husband and I.

George and I do school assemblies in the months of January, February and March, the flu season, just when the kids are the sickest!

Six years ago, back in the days when we started our school tours in November, we were constantly sick from day one to usually April. We caught one thing after another and lost our voices with coughing and sore throats. It made it hard to talk or sing, which put our work in jeopardy.

We discovered blood electrification through an interview with Dr. Beck on the Coast-to-Coast radio show. We were desperate, so we ordered a wrist pulsing unit. Boy did it work! After the first few days of using it, my energy went way up and has stayed up. I am 52. We use it between assemblies when we drive to the next town. Once in awhile we can feel a cold or flu coming on, but usually it "lifts off" within about 4 hours after pulsing. We have not come down with a full-blown cold or flu in 5 years!!! Because our immune systems are not taxed all the time, we both feel much stronger and healthier and naturally resistant.

We also make ionic colloidal silver. We use it only when we think we have come in contact with something, then we take a couple of big swallows during the day. I use an eyedropper up my nose as this stops any respiratory thing before it starts, or heals sinus infections caused by allergies. I also put a little under my tongue. Colloidal silver is great if you have the stomach flu. It stops nausea in about 15 minutes. I haven't thrown up in many years now.

In the summer, we work craft fairs as performers or music vendors. I handle money all day long as we sell our CD's. We come in contact with hundreds of people every weekend. We pulse ourselves for an hour on the drive there and back home and we never catch anything. The wrist pulsing unit has been such a blessing!

G & A. L., Oregon, USA
\ When we started our school tours in November, we were constantly sick from day one to usually April \
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