Death's Door to Energized Life
K.M., California, USA

I had a very busy and active life until one day, 9 years ago. I walked into my local grocery store and bought some processed meat, which put me in the hospital the same day. At that point I started to fight for my life, battling something that neither my doctors nor I understood. I spent 3 years in the medical system trying to find an answer. At the end of the 3 years, my doctors gave up on me and left me to die.

During that 3-year fight, I went through a whole cascade of symptoms from the meat, with no understanding of what had gotten into my body. I had a tremendous allergic reaction. I was covered with all these boils and ulcerations on my body. I had extreme fatigue and no matter what they did, the doctors couldn’t clear it up. When they released me from the hospital, my condition developed into bleeding ulcerated colitis and reactive arthritis and finally, fibromyalgia. I couldn’t lift more than 30 pounds of weight without my muscles tearing. Finally, one of the ligaments in my knee tore and I required surgery. I also developed a horrendous hemorrhoid situation that required extensive surgery. I eventually got costochondritis—a condition that causes pain in the chest and rib cage due to inflammation of cartilage and bones. I had continual spasms for nearly 7 months. I had none of these problems prior to exposure to the contaminated meat. The list kept going on and on.

After 3 years, my doctors finally told me they had done all that western medicine could do and told me to go home and die because they didn’t know what was going on. That was one of the most horrifying moments in my life. I didn’t know where to go, what to do, or whom to turn to for help. I remember leaving the doctor’s office, going back to my car, and bowing my head in a silent prayer for God to help me.

A few months after the doctors had given up on me, I met an amazing man in a local health store. I overheard this gentleman talking to a woman who was having esophageal spasms. He was telling her that she had parasites in her system and that if she would work with him, he would help her to get clear of the problem. Shortly before that, I had heard a nurse comment that my costochondritis was related to parasite activity. In fact, when the doctor came in I asked him about this and he said, “Yes, but we’re not set up to treat that at the hospital.” He recommended a special hospital to help me with parasites. As a result, the word “parasites” got into my mind.

So when I heard this gentleman in the health food store talking to the woman about parasites, I gravitated over to him. I gave him the 3-year history of what I’d been through. He said that it sounded like I had come in contact with some pretty heavy parasite activity from the meat and that he could do live blood analysis under a microscope for me. When he hooked me up to the microscope, I got a really impressive revelation of what had happened to me that all the doctors had missed. He showed me what had gotten into my GI Tract (Gastrointestinal). He could tell everything that was going on with my body simply by looking at my blood. We saw the blood cells all chained together and they were translucent which means they were anemic. We also saw worms swimming around in the blood, microscopic larvae of worms, which surprised me. We also saw large bacterial forms in my blood. I turned to him and I asked, “Alright now that you’ve given me the bad news, how hard is it to fix?” He said, “This is easy to fix.” He introduced me to the technology developed by Bob Beck. I told him I wanted to live and I would do whatever it takes to get past this.

I ordered the blood electrification unit. It seemed pretty simple and straightforward. He told me it had two functions—it pumped tiny microcurrents of electricity into the blood and also made ionic colloidal silver. He had me try the ionic colloidal silver first. I drank about an 8-ounce glass every other day—Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 2 weeks. What I started to experience was horrendous die-off symptoms. The symptoms were prickly and burning sensations going on through my body and a lot of fatigue. The fatigue got worse the more ionic colloidal silver I took. After a month of these symptoms, I called an independent nutritionist and asked if this was a normal process to be experiencing. He said yes and that he was helping people with cancer, AIDS, lupus, candida, fibromyalgia and they are all going through the same process. He told me he had helped a lot of people overcome their disease processes by doing this, but it takes time. He didn’t know when the symptoms would stop but one day they would stop, if I would just stay with it. I didn’t mind as long as I knew what I was going through was a normal part of the reaction.

A month after beginning the ionic colloidal silver, I started to work with blood electrification. I pulsed for 15 to 20 minutes. I noticed I would feel the die-off reaction the next day and learned to not pulse a whole lot all at once, but to ease into it. With each day, I could tell how much to pulse the next day by how much die-off I experienced. So, I finally got the hang of it and within about a week I started combining the ionic colloidal silver and blood electrification. I got the ionic colloidal silver up to a 16-ounce glass every day and did blood electrification for 15 minutes a day. One amazing thing that first started to happen was that all the spasms in my ribcage due to the costochondritis stopped within about 6 weeks. I had been suffering with those for almost 7 months and wondered if they were ever going to go away. I called my nutritionist and said, “You’re not going to believe this.” He said, “Try me.” I said, “The spasms in the muscles of my ribcage have completely stopped!"

When I started the ionic colloidal silver, I stayed with it for 90 days. Then I stopped because I needed to rest. I learned through all of this to know when to let my body rest, let it clear from the die-off experience, then hack away at it again. After I stopped the ionic colloidal silver, I got a prostate infection and horrendous pain in the testicle area. I went to a urologist and told him everything I was doing. Fortunately the man had a very open mind. He used conventional antibiotics to try to go after the problem. We cleared up the prostate infection doing that but not the testicular pain. My nutritionist kept encouraging me to just increase the ionic colloidal silver because he was against antibiotics. He was more natural and so I took his advice and used both. I used the antibiotics and increased the ionic colloidal silver. I got the prostate infection clear but still had residual testicular pain for 2 more years. Eventually, this pain was cleared through 6 chelox treatments (a combination of chelation and hydrogen peroxide).

I realized that the fatigue and the other imbalances were being created because my system was clearing. I was cleaning my body of its parasite load. I did a saliva test and found out that my pH was acidic. It’s supposed to be alkaline. I wanted to get my pH more alkaline because these creatures, from parasites and viruses, to candida and cancer, all thrive in an acidic environment. I knew what the blood electrification unit was doing—it was eliminating the parasite load that I got from the tainted meat.

My first priority was to get my system cleaned out. I added the water ozonating unit to my program. The ice-cold ozonated water helped ease the burning that was going on inside. The ozonated water helped because it delivers more oxygen into the body. I added the magnetic pulse generator about a year later. I wanted to see if it would help some of the areas where I was having aches and pains. To my surprise, it helped.

So finally, I was on the full Beck Protocol. I was having live cell blood analysis done every 6 or 7 months to watch the progress. I tried to keep working with my doctors so that they could see what was happening. My primary care physician got scared and he sent me an “I quit” letter saying he didn’t want anything further to do with me. Fortunately, not all my doctors were that way. When I told my cardiologist about what I was doing, especially when I showed him the videotapes of my blood, he was impressed. He looked at the first video where my blood was a mess and then he saw it 6 months later and the difference in the blood was incredible. I gave him the videos and scheduled another appointment with him 3 months later. When I went back I asked him, “What did you think of those videos?” He said, “It can’t be done, it’s impossible to do.” I told him that was what he was taught but that’s obviously not what’s going on and that this is why I wanted him to see first-hand what was happening with me. He said, “Tell me everything you’re doing. I want to learn what you’re doing.” I brought him all the Beck documentation, my notes and everything and shared it with him. He thanked me for it.

I continued working with the Beck Protocol. I also introduced a herbal formula that was very effective at killing worms and other parasites because my live blood cell analysis was still showing worm larvae. I boosted my intake of this herbal formula and started producing a gallon of ionic colloidal silver every day and continued with blood electrification. Within 3 weeks, I had bowel movements where I was passing hundreds, if not thousands, of worms. Quite frankly, I was delighted.

In addition, I started learning about natural liver flushes and colonics. Now I was doing blood electrification, taking ionic colloidal silver, doing a colonic one Saturday and a liver flush the next. I did all this for 2 months. After 2 months, all of a sudden all the die-off stopped. It didn’t matter how much blood electrification I did or how much ionic colloidal silver I drank, there was no more prickling, no more burning, no more fatigue. The fibromyalgia had ceased. I could now lift 80 pounds of weight without my muscles tearing. Everything was fine. I was tired after fighting this battle for 2 ½ years, but I had passed through a new door to health.

I realize now how everything is connected to the GI tract—the nasal passage, lungs, liver, pancreas and even the reproductive systems. Just about anything can get into your body through this passageway. When I look back at all of this and see where I am today, I would never have believed something like this was possible. I’ve always been a believer in natural approaches, but I also like the western medical system too. I would never be as well read as I am today unless I had gone through this experience. At the heart of everything I was doing was the Beck Protocol

I would say to those of you who feel helpless, if you are relying solely on western medicine, there are other things in the world and if you take the time to search them out you may be surprised to find that the answers are waiting for you, but they’re not in the conventional sources. You might have an equally successful experience as I had.

The first doorway is going to be uncomfortable. You must pass through that doorway if you are to go through the other doorways that are going to take you back to your full health. As long as you are willing to endure it all the way to get past the die-off process, the rest is easy. It’s not going to hurt you, or harm you—it’s doing nothing but good to clean your system out and then when you’re past that, you’ll be so glad you did it. Once your body’s cleaned out and you start working with your nutrition, there are additional wonderful approaches available in the world community. You start passing through these doorways to restored health. All of a sudden you start waking up totally energized. Now my eyes are opening up at 6 o’clock in the morning and before I was sleeping 22 hours a day while I was going through all the fatigue and die-off.

I was originally on death's door, given up by my doctors. I had 26 horrendous symptoms that were called "incurables" for 3 years by the western medical community. Now I'm totally clear using natural methods—from death's door to almost completely perfect health. People don’t realize what is available to them. The body is a resilient creation, and if given the right help, it will do what it needs to do to get well.

K.M., California, USA
\ I was covered with all these boils and ulcerations on my body. I had extreme fatigue … I had continual spasms for nearly 7 months. \
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