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The Healing Power of
Ionic Colloidal Silver

Woman drinking ionic colloidal silver

Whether a commercially or home-prepared solution, ionic colloidal silver is simple to use and effective in an endless list of applications. Drink it or use it topically, in liquid, gel or another form, ionic colloidal silver benefits all living things: people, pets...even plants!

What to look for—Smaller particles allow for easier absorption, the smaller, the better!

Colloidal silver is an electrolyte, which is a liquid that contains ions; in this case, distilled water with silver ions. Electrolytes of silver are commonly known as ionic silver, colloidal silver, nano-silver, or ionic colloidal silver. The terms ionic, nano and colloidal refer to the size of the silver particles in the solution.

First, a “nano” is a prefix for a unit of measurement - 1 nanometer = 0.000000001 meter, or 1 billionth of a meter. Your fingernail, for example, grows about one nanometer every second, which sounds pretty impressive, until you know that a single sheet of paper is about 100,000 nanometers thick!

“Ionic” refers to an ion, which is a charged atom. The size of a silver atom is about 0.25 nanometers in diameter. “Colloidal” refers to colloids, or slightly larger particles—usually clusters of silver—ranging in size from 5-15 nanometers.

Understanding that smaller particles make for easier absorption, we feel a solution of predominately ionic particles is the best choice.

A long-term sufferer with Multiple Sclerosis, started drinking colloidal silver. Nancy documents her progress up the 20th week when she was able to cook not one but two big holiday dinners.

N.D. Illinois, USA View Testimonial

Persistent bladder infection finally clears after discovering and drinking ionic colloidal silver.

A.M. CA View Testimonial

Silver Kills Bacteria While Healing Wounds

University of Wisconsin researchers found that silver must be delivered inlow concentrations in order to be effective for both killing bacteria in woundsand allowing the wounds to heal.

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ionic colloidal silver heals pdf

Ionic Colloidal Silver Heals

Learn about silver and its germ-fighting qualities, including research using silver, safety levels, and an amazing array of topical uses—from wound healing to community water purification.

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Why Use Ionic Colloidal Silver? For Your Health & Quality of Life.

  • Anti-infective – colds, flu, strep...any type of infection may benefit from the internal use of ionic colloidal silver.
  • Wound healing – scrapes, cuts, burns...even ringworm, eczema, or thrush...use topically to speed healing.
  • Respiratory issues – asthma or pneumonia can benefit from colloidal silver by nebulizer, as well as drinking it.
  • Digestive issues – regardless of cause, viral, bacterial, etc., ionic colloidal silver assists with healing and getting back to normalcy.
  • Helps with skin conditions – dandruff, psoriasis, skin rashes benefit from the use of ionic colloidal silver.
  • It's not just for humans – pets benefit too, whether it's an external or internal issue. For the maintenance of good health, use topically or simply add to drinking water.
  • Image Making Colloidal Silver

    How to Use

    As part of the Bob Beck Protocol, when taking ionic colloidal silver to combat a specific health challenge, sipping one or two glassfuls throughout the day for several days may be desirable. For longer-term use an ounce or two (30 to 60 ml) a day is plenty. From time to time, it is always wise to take breaks from drinking colloidal silver.

    Make Your Own

    Whether you're new to ionic colloidal silver or have been using it for years, making your own colloidal silver is surprisingly easy, and a great value!

    Keys to success and effectiveness:

    • Distilled water is recommended, as it has far less minerals and other impurities than other forms of water.
    • Using pure silver wires that are at least .999 (99.9%) pure. Keep in mind, Sterling silver—of any quality—contains nickel, which is toxic.

    There are three methods to make your own ionic colloidal silver, but we believe the best way to make a superior ionic colloidal silver electrolyte is to use a unit which uses a “constant-current system.”

    Learn More about Making Ionic Colloidal Silver
Image Guide to Using the Beck Protocol

The Beck Protocol

Ionic colloidal silver is one element of the four-part Beck Protocol:

For more details on ionic colloidal silver and the Beck Protocol, please see:

Guide to Using the Beck Protocol
Image Reading Beck Protocol Handbook

For More Information

We've compiled a list of resources on ionic colloidal silver and the Beck Protocol. Whenever possible, we've included free, downloadable sources.

  • The Scoop on Argyria

    What is argyria and what is the risk? Electrically-generated ionic colloidal silver made with distilled water has been used safely for decades, yet there are occasional reports of individuals who develop argyria through taking excessive amounts over several years. This article offers suggestions on how to avoid the rare risk of argyria, as well as specific protocols that may help reverse argyria.

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  • Guide to Using the Beck Protocol

    This Guide offers step-by-step instructions on how to use each of the four parts of the Beck Protocol…how often, how long, what to expect, and more. This Guide also offers suggestions for a more intensive program of use as well as providing insights gained by experience with the Protocol.

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  • DVD Set: The Beck Protocol, A Health Protocol for Use at Home

    This set of two DVDs includes:
    Part One: Introduction to the Beck Protocol
    Discover the importance of electricity to balance both the Earth and our bodies. Features an exclusive interview with Robert (Bob) C. Beck, D.Sc., the creator of the Beck Protocol. Interviews with experienced health practitioners and with individuals who share their real-life stories using the Beck Protocol, are also featured.

    Part Two: How to Use the Beck Protocol
    Features everything you need to know to use the four parts of the Bob Beck Protocol. Dr. Eliezer Ben-Joseph, radio host and naturopathic physician, responds in an entertaining and humorous way to questions from an informal audience. In addition to answering questions, Dr. Ben-Joseph draws on his wealth of experience to share health tips.

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    Watch Part 2
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  • How to Build Your Own

    Are you the "Do It Yourself" type? Bob Beck arranged for his original designs to be available so you can build your own blood electrification unit that also makes ionic colloidal silver. Download the original schematics and instructions here:

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  • The Beck Protocol Handbook

    Bob Beck’s Handbook is based on Bob’s original papers titled, Take Back Your Power! The Beck Protocol Handbook is the source to easily review all four steps of the Beck Protocol. The Handbook includes testimonials from individuals who have used the Beck units, as well as schematics and instructions on how to build the Beck units. Also included is an abridged transcript of his lecture to introduce the Brain Tuner—how it came to be and what makes it work.

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