From Crawling to Climbing
N.D., Illinois, USA

Forty-three years ago, I began having symptoms of numbness and tingling in my fingers and toes. Each time I would go to the doctor, he would say it was most likely a result of my chronic anemia. As the years passed, I would experience these symptoms periodically. My doctor finally diagnosed me with relapsing and remittent multiple sclerosis. This eventually changed to secondary progressive.

Fifteen years ago, my symptoms had progressed to the point where my right hand and my feet were numb, especially my toes. When I got hot or tired my right leg did not lift well. It dragged when I walked. After a day at work, I practically had to crawl to my car. I had to hold onto a wall at all times. I really should have used a cane. I could not even go up a curb without holding onto someone or something. There was no way I could climb a ladder.

When I sat for any length of time, my legs stiffened and got spasms and I had to wait awhile before I could walk. It looked like I had had too much to drink. If I sat on the floor for any reason, such as playing with my grandchildren, I had to first get on my knees, and then on all fours, then finally I could get up. Just like a cow. I sat on the floor as little as possible.

When it was hot, I had to wear a cold pack vest or I could not walk. I could hardly hold a pen or write. My feet were hot all the time and I could not sleep unless my feet were uncovered. I had night paralysis. I had to throw my body in order to turn to another side. My legs were locked in the fetal position and it was a real chore to get them unlocked and able to walk. I had to use a cane to get to the bathroom during the night. It was about ten feet from my bed. If I knew I would be away from a bathroom for any length of time, I had to use Depends.

At this point I was finally diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was prescribed a medication called betaseron. This is an interferon-based medication that “may help prevent exacerbation of the symptoms of MS.” This involved self-injections every 2 days. This medication caused me painful headaches for many years and was costing $984 per month. I understand today this medication costs around $1300 per month.

One day, 10 years after being on medication, I was reading through an MS publication that I receive and happened on an article entitled “How to beat MS—the things the doctors didn’t tell you.” There was a chapter on taking colloidal silver. I thought that this was something I wanted to try so I researched carefully and asked myself, "What do I have to lose?" I purchased a unit so I could make my own colloidal silver in the 10 to 12 ppm range with room temperature distilled water.

I drank 2 oz. of colloidal silver twice per day, in the morning and in the afternoon. On day 4, I increased to 8 oz. of colloidal silver two times per day. I seemed to have more energy and did not drag as much to my car.

By Day 12, the night paralysis seemed to be easing. I could get out of bed with more ease. Days 14 to 18, my fingers and toes were tingling more and more. My toes were aching. As the days went by my fingertips seemed to be aching also.

Day 20 I felt surreal feelings in my fingers. It was like a far away, out-of-the-body feeling.

On Day 21 I was getting out of bed much easier and quicker. I climbed a ladder at work and I was not nearly so tired when I left work. I could actually walk to my car without holding onto the wall. I did some things on the floor at work, and was able to get up without too much trouble.

By Week 4, the bottoms of my feet were tingling and I could feel whiskers on my husband Mike’s face (a surreal feeling). I could feel the cool bathroom tile on the bottom of my feet. My legs ached all night. It was very painful and I wanted to scream out. My legs hurt a great deal but the next morning I was able to walk farther than I had in years. Mike and I walked about 4 blocks that morning. I felt stronger and stronger everyday and I discontinued taking my medication.

At week 12, I felt like a caterpillar coming out of a cocoon. I wondered if they have pain during their metamorphosis. The bottoms of my feet were no longer numb and the fingers on my right hand tingled only at the very tips. I didn't stop to think before I lifted a heavy container. For years, I wouldn’t dare lift, as I would drop whatever I was holding. I now poured coffee from a pot without even thinking about it until I noticed myself doing it!

Last year I had to wear a cooling vest all day, everyday, and when I went home I could barely walk to my car. Some days I literally dragged my right leg to get to my car. I had to hold onto the building to get around the corner and into my car. When I got home I actually crawled on my hands and knees to get up the steps. This year I never once had to wear my cooling vest. I walk normally to my car at the end of the day and the steps are not too much of a problem.

Week 20: I had 16 people for Christmas dinner and I had 14 people for dinner the next day. I worked 11 hours the day after Christmas and I had 14 people for dinner the following day. That is four days out of four! I can’t remember the last time I did something like that.

I still had some night paralysis and stiffness after I sat for a long time, but not nearly as bad as it used to be. My energy level was now very high.

It has now been 5 years since I began taking colloidal silver and I am at least 85% better. No one looking at me would believe that I have MS, as my symptoms are very mild now. A year ago my husband and I took a trip to Costa Rica. I went whitewater rafting, toured all through the country and did lots of hiking. I even did a canopy ride, which involved climbing up a tree.

After taking colloidal silver, my MRI's (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) these past 4 years have shown no new brain lesions. My neurologist does not believe that I am all better, only that I am in remission. My primary doctor, however, says to keep doing what I am doing because it is working!

Please understand these changes are not instant. They are very gradual. Also, during the healing process, understand there were times I thought I was having an exacerbation but this is actually part of the healing process.

Many of my friends have benefited by taking colloidal silver for their Lupus, Crohn's, Shingles and Fibromyalgia. I will never stop drinking it!

N.D., Illinois, USA
\ I had night paralysis … My legs were locked in the fetal position and it was a real chore to get them unlocked and able to walk. \
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