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The Healing Power of Ozone

No worries—this isn't "smog" that we're talking about. On the contrary, the Ozone present in smog is actually nature's way of trying to clean the air. Drinking water infused with Ozone is the no-frills way to deliver the life force of Oxygen to the human body.

Ozone is simply a richer form of oxygen. After we drink water that has been freshly saturated with ozone, our bodies get more oxygen. This is an easy and safe way to benefit from more oxygen.

Image Ozonating Water

Health and wellness coach uses ozonating techniques to save elderly man’s foot. He recalls: “On day 7, I couldn’t believe what was happening.”

M.P., Michigan, USA View Testimonial
M.P., Michigan, USA

Ozonated water helps hikers breathe easier.

P.M. CA USA View Testimonial

Ozone is Good and Natural

Ozone is one of the most beneficial substances on this planet, and the BAD science you hear quoted on the news every night is causing you to subconsciously be afraid of Nature, and therefore, a part of Life itself.

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Ozone for Health

Ozone for Health

This article sheds light on misconceptions regarding ozone—from its role in air pollution to surprising research on healing the lungs of mice, to its importance in scavenging free radicals. The article also reveals extensive medical and dental use of ozone and how our bodies produce ozone to help protect us.

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Why Drink Ozonated Water? For Your Health & Quality of Life..

  • Flushes toxins from your body – ozone oxidizes toxins, assisting with the elimination of waste products.
  • Feeds every cell – with life-giving oxygen.
  • Ozone sterilizes – kill viruses, bacteria, fungi, and algae in water or on surfaces within seconds.
  • Feel more energized and alert – oxygen invigorates your brain and cells, and adds fuel the body needs to function.
  • Image Ozonating Water

    How to Use

    Preparing ozonated drinking water is both quick and easy! Simply immerse the airstone into a glass of water and turn on the ozone generator. Ozone is thoroughly dispersed throughout the water and it's ready for drinking in a matter of minutes.

    Keep in mind the ozone will naturally dissipate back into the surrounding air after about 20 minutes, so plan to drink the water soon after ozonating for maximum benefits.

Image Woman Reading Guide to Using the Beck Protocol

The Beck Protocol

Ozonating water is one element of the four-part Beck Protocol:

For more details on ozonated water and the Beck Protocol, please see:

Guide to Using the Beck Protocol
Image Younger Bob Beck

Bob Beck, The Inventor

The Bob Beck Protocol cleans the blood and lymph, and neutralizes pathogens. What would be a simple and efficient way to help the body rid itself of the accumulated toxins? A chat with journalist Ed McCabe (author of the bestselling book, Oxygen Therapies, A New Way of Approaching Disease) provided Bob with inspiration.

Drinking ozonated water, Bob realized, was the answer—a simple and effective way to flush toxins from the body.

Image Woman Reading Beck Protocol Handbook

For More Information

We've compiled a list of resources on ozonated water and the Beck Protocol. Whenever possible, we've included free, downloadable sources.

  • Guide to Using the Beck Protocol

    This Guide offers step-by-step instructions on how to use each of the four parts of the Beck Protocol…how often, how long, what to expect and more. This Guide also offers suggestions for a more intensive program of use as well as providing insights gained by experience with the Protocol.

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  • DVD Set: The Beck Protocol, A Health Protocol for Use at Home

    This set of two DVDs includes:
    Part One: Introduction to the Beck Protocol
    Discover the importance of electricity to balance both the Earth and our bodies. Features an exclusive interview with Robert (Bob) C. Beck, D.Sc., the creator of the Beck Protocol. Interviews with experienced health practitioners and with individuals who share their real-life stories using the Beck Protocol, are also featured.

    Part Two: How to Use the Beck Protocol
    Features everything you need to know to use the four parts of the Bob Beck Protocol. Dr. Eliezer Ben-Joseph, radio host and naturopathic physician, responds in an entertaining and humorous way to questions from an informal audience. In addition to answering questions, Dr. Ben-Joseph draws on his wealth of experience to share health tips.

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    Youtube - Watch Part 2
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    Vimeo - Watch Part 2
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  • The Beck Protocol Handbook

    Bob Beck’s Handbook is based on Bob’s original papers titled, Take Back Your Power! The Beck Protocol Handbook is the source to easily review all four steps of the Beck Protocol. The Handbook includes testimonials from individuals who have used the Beck units, as well as schematics and instructions on how to build the Beck units. Also included is an abridged transcript of his lecture to introduce the Brain Tuner—how it came to be and what makes it work.

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