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Unlock the Power of the Bob Beck Health Protocol: A Step-by-Step Guide with live Questions & Answers
Hosted by Matt White of Breakthrough Cancer Coaching

Are you interested in learning how to get started using the Bob Beck Health Protocol? In this educational video, Matt White of Breakthrough Cancer Coaching shares his personal journey to healing from Lyme disease, and how he's helped countless cancer clients achieve success with the Bob Beck Health Protocol. With step-by-step instructions, Matt breaks down the what, how, and why of using the Bob Beck Health Protocol. Between Matt’s sharing and the audience’s Q&A session it is the perfect place to continue your journey towards better health. Join us today and discover the power of the Bob Beck Health Protocol!

Learn The Protocol from Bob Himself

In this Youtube video, you'll get the chance to hear about this incredible protocol from the inventor himself. Bob had a gifted mind but also an infectious spirit. He passionately believed that everyone on earth should have access to this life-changing technology. That's why he made it his life's mission to get this information to as many people as possible. And we're honored to continue that movement today.

This video has been banned by Youtube. The video is now hosted on Odysee.

Cartoon Bob Inventing Beck Protocol

The Beck Protocol

The Protocol consists of four parts which work together, helping the body to heal itself:

  • Wrist Pulsing, also known as blood electrification or blood cleansing—using microcurrents
  • Pulsed Electro-magnetic Fields (PEMF)
  • Ionic Colloidal Silver
  • Ozonated Water
Learn about the Beck Protocol
Brain Tuner

Brain Tuner

Developed by Bob Beck back in 1983, the Brain Tuner was one of the first cranial electrical stimulation (CES) units. Its design allows for easy use in the comfort of your own home. Harmonic frequencies gently ease the brain into a state of balance and calm.

Learn about the Brain Tuner
About Bob Beck

Bob's Life

Bob Beck was a selfless man, driven to share his discoveries and improve the health of humanity. Through Bob's own words, his articles, lectures, and interviews, you'll get to know the real Bob Beck...his interests and talents, his accomplishments and struggles, his sometimes gruff exterior, and his genuine sensitivity.

Learn about Bob’s Life


Nothing tells the story of Bob Beck's amazing contributions better than people around the world who have personally experienced the life-changing benefits of the Beck Protocol. These first-person narratives are both inspiring and heartening. Search by the Protocol unit or by ailment, in both written and video formats...all affirming accounts of how people have taken back their power.

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