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Beck Protocol

Ailments & Benefits

Ligament Heals Quickly

Using the Brain Tuner as a TENS unit speeds healing of torn ligament and muscle pain.

Brain Tuner, Inflammation, Pain, Sprain
Sinus Infection Clears Quickly

Able to avoid full blown sinusitis attack by consistently applying pulsed magnetic field.

Magnetic Pulsing, Colds, Colds, Colds, Flu, Flu, Sinus Conditions
The Joy of Healing Lymes

After discovering a tic and the classic bullseye, the crippling symptoms of Lymes developed quickly. Colloidal silver cleared all symptoms.

Colloidal Silver, Bacterial, Infection, Infection, Insect Bites, Lyme Disease, Parasites, Viral
Vertigo Vanishes

The severe dizziness of vertigo would sometimes last for four months. The use of a magnetic pulse generator quickly makes the symptoms subside.

Magnetic Pulsing, Dizziness, Ear Conditions, Vertigo
Toxins Eliminated from Teeth

From being sickly most of her life, the author gains robust health after having mercury amalgams removed in a safe manner and applying blood electrification along with drinking ionic colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver, Micropulsing, Brain Conditions, Colds, Colds, Colds, Dental Conditions, Depression, Environmental Toxins, Flu, Flu, Heavy Metal Poisoning, Joint Conditions, Mental Disorder, Pain
Whole Family Uses Silver Water

As a truck driver often on the road, he notices the benefits of drinking ozonated water and colloidal silver. And, magnetic pulsing has helped him with a prostate problem.

Colloidal Silver, Magnetic Pulsing, Colon Conditions, Infection, Inflammation, Pain, Prostate Conditions, Skin Conditions, Sore Throat
Root Canal Avoided

Using magnetic pulsing, Richard and his wife avoid root canals. They take colloidal silver when they travel to ward off colds and flu. Richard offers more benefits he's experienced using the units.

Magnetic Pulsing, Bacterial, Colds, Dental Conditions, Fever, Flu, Infection, Infection, Infection, Infection, Inflammation, Sore Throat, Toothache
Sprained Ankle Heals Quickly

Use of a pulsed magnetic field and Brain Tuner as a TENS unit speedily heal a badly sprained ankle.

Brain Tuner, Magnetic Pulsing, Inflammation, Sprain
Tummy Pain Relieved

Three children diagnosed with E Coli infection, recover by drinking ionic colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver, Bacterial, Bacterial, Colds, Digestion, E Coli, Flu, Infection, Infection, Infection
Blood Pressure Back to Normal

Blood pressure returns to normal, cholesterol level drops and tendonitis is cleared with the Beck Protocol.

Colloidal Silver, Magnetic Pulsing, Micropulsing, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Heart Conditions, Tendon Conditions
Immune System Boosted

After four months of blood electrification and drinking ionic colloidal silver, fatigue vanishes. The author continues to use the unit with a maintenance schedule.

Micropulsing, Colds, Colds, Colds, Energy, Flu, Flu, Immune System, Infection, Infection, Infection, Inflammation, Sore Throat, Viral
Hearing Improved

Blood electrification eliminates hearing distortion in right ear. Irwin is grateful to Bob Beck for his research..

Micropulsing, Blood Pressure, Hearing, Heart Conditions, Weight Issues
Pet's Eye Saved

Infection in the eyes of three animals is cleared and their sight restored using ionic colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver, Animals & Pets, Eye Conditions
ADD is History

First a wheat allergy was discovered that caused an inability to think clearly. Then after trying the Brain Tuner, a feeling of relaxation was enhanced and hyperactivity disappeared.

Brain Tuner, ADD / ADHD, Emotional Wellbeing, Mental Function, Relaxation
Warts Pulsed Away

Blood electrification worked to eliminate fast-growing plantar warts

Micropulsing, Skin Conditions, Warts
Prostate Infection in Check

Count the areas in which a magnetic pulser generator helped clear infections. We counted seven plus reducing allergic responses.

Magnetic Pulsing, Allergies, Candida, Dental Conditions, Dental Conditions, Ear Conditions, Fungal, Gingivitis, Infection, Infection, Infection, Parasites, Prostate Conditions, Sinus Conditions
Recovery from Lyme Disease

After drugs didn't work, Blood electrification and a magnetic pulse generator are clearing the debilitating effects of lymes disease.

Colloidal Silver, Magnetic Pulsing, Micropulsing, Bacterial, Brain Conditions, Brain Conditions, Depression, Ear Conditions, Energy, Fatigue, Headaches, Hearing, Infection, Infection, Insect Bites, Jaw, Joint Conditions, Lyme Disease, Memory Issues, Mental Disorder, Mental Function, Pain, Parasites, Tinnitus, TMJ, Viral
Remarkable Response

The sudden onset of fatigue and fever were dispelled with blood electrification and drinking colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver, Micropulsing, Energy, Fatigue, Fever, Infection
Lifelong Liver Pain Clears

After suffering with a chronic liver infection since childhood, Rose discovered the Beck Protocol and soon feels a dramatic improvement.

Colloidal Silver, Magnetic Pulsing, Micropulsing, Water Ozonation, Fungal, Infection, Infection, Liver Conditions, Pain
Cyst Gone in 3 Weeks

A large cyst on Dean's back clears rapidly after applying blood electrification and pulsed magnetic fields.

Magnetic Pulsing, Micropulsing, Cyst
Health Improves but …

While the Beck Protocol clears five chronic conditions for a husband and wife, live blood analysis with a darkfield microscope showed the blood still needs lots of improvement.

Micropulsing, Anal Fissure, Itching, Nerve Conditions, Skin Conditions
Tests Show Clear of Cancers

After several cancers developed and Scott had severe reactions to chemotherapy, he turned to blood electrification along with herbs. His tumors cleared quickly and tests reveal he is free of cancer.

Micropulsing, Cancer, Energy, Tumor
Pain Relief for Arthritic Feet

The author convinced her brother to try pulsed magnetic fields on his arthritic feet. They improved after only one session on each foot. And pink eye improves with the use of ionic colloidal silver.

Magnetic Pulsing, Arthritis, Eye Conditions, Inflammation, Pain
Infection Cleared, No More Insomnia plus …

Paul has all the Beck units and he and his wife use them all to improve their health--also take them in their RV when they travel. The Bio Tuner allows Paul to sleep well after years of insomnia.

Brain Tuner, Magnetic Pulsing, Micropulsing, Emotional Wellbeing, Headaches, Infection, Insomnia, Migraines, Muscle Conditions, Pain, Relaxation, Sleep Issues, Wound
Lump Disappears

Seven years after a cancerous tumor was removed, the area started to swell. After applying a magnetic pulse generator, the swelling disappeared.

Magnetic Pulsing, Cancer, Dental Conditions, Infection, Tumor
Improved Quality of Life …

Michael led an amazingly active life after adding the Beck Protocol to his daily nutrition and exercise program. He lived considerably longer than predicted with Stage-4 lymphoma.

Magnetic Pulsing, Micropulsing, Cancer, Cancer, Energy, Lymphoma
Muscle and Joint Pain Gone

Using the Bio Tuner as a TENS unit frees frozen shoulder. Improved nutrition as well helped to detox heavy metals.

Brain Tuner, Anxiety, Emotional Wellbeing, Joint Conditions, Mental Disorder, Mental Function, Muscle Conditions, Pain
Test Results Show Hep C Cleared

After blood transfusions while recovering from serious burns, Patrick was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. After, natural therapies, emotional release work and the Beck Protocol, Hep C is cleared.

Magnetic Pulsing, Micropulsing, Hepatitis, Infection, Infection, Liver Conditions, Liver Conditions, Viral
Grateful for Beck Protocol

Persistent bladder infection finally clears after discovering and drinking ionic colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver, Magnetic Pulsing, Micropulsing, Water Ozonation, Bladder Infection, Dental Conditions, Toothache, Urinary Conditions
Relief from Prostate Pain

Magnetic pulsing relieves prostate pain. Avoids difficulty with urination that is usually associated with prostate problems.

Magnetic Pulsing, Prostate Conditions
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