Blue Skin but Feeling Great
F.P., British Columbia, Canada

I had been using colloidal silver, on and off, for five or six years; however, my use became more extreme after about three years. I was drinking a couple glasses almost every day along with blood electrification about three times a week. I thought the combination might help with an infection I had at the time. I don’t know if it did or didn’t help, but the infection did go away.

One day, the sisters of my congregation asked me what happened to my skin, they said it appeared blue-grey. My skin had changed color so gradually that even my wife didn’t notice. It doesn’t look that bad under natural light, but under fluorescent light it’s very noticeable to others who haven’t seen me for awhile.

I have since learned my errors in making colloidal silver. I used reverse-osmosis water instead of distilled water. This means the water still had minerals in it that bound to the silver, making larger particles. That along with drinking too much of it over a longer period of time made it so the silver couldn’t totally eliminate in the usual way so it tried to come out through my skin. This skin condition is rare and it is called argyria. Along with the skin discoloration, I have blue moons on my nails as well, which I’m told is usually the first sign of argyria, but I didn’t notice in time. The fact is that I knew about the possibility, but I was careless.

After researching how to reverse argyria, I tried a protocol ( for several months. I even built myself a sauna that was part of the protocol, although mine is a regular sauna and not an infrared sauna. I usually only took the recommended supplements on the days I used the sauna, which was four times a week. It’s been about 8 months now, and I haven’t noticed any change although I feel really good. I haven’t given up, but I only do the reversal protocol for a day here and there now.

People ask me how I feel and I can only say I feel a hundred percent! I’m just colored up. In fact, at 80, I feel like I could jump over a five-bar gate!

Despite what happened, I feel that ionic-colloidal silver is a good product, and after I get myself cleaned up from some of the argyria, I would use it again. It is a matter of moderation – that’s all.

F.P., British Columbia, Canada
\ People ask me how I feel and I can only say I feel a hundred percent! ...In fact, at 80, I feel like I could jump over a five-bar gate! \
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