Brain Tuner Eases Anxiety and Improves Sleep
H.M., Louisiana, USA

I do not normally write reviews of this type, but I am so excited that I must! After two weeks of using my Brain Tuner, I was simply amazed at the changes I felt. I am an RN, retired, and have had issues with depression and severe anxiety. I had lost the ability to laugh and had become very introverted, really unlike myself in years past. I used the Brain Tuner right away for twenty minutes the day I received it. I felt only a tiny vibration on my ears, nothing else. I continued to do that for the next couple of days. Then after re-reading the booklet, I decided to add in another session each day. Most days the second session was later in the day. I noticed that I was very sleepy by 10:00 at night, and had been going to bed earlier and sleeping very well, which I have had problems with prior to using the unit.

I started out using mode 1 for 3-4 days, then I switched to mode 3 for one session, then mode 5 for one session, and the next day back to mode 1. I have just started switching using mode 2. So basically I mix them up. I have not found a great difference in the positive feelings from one to the other, but somewhere I read that it is recommended to switch up the modes.

I did not, however, have the recall of my dreams, and was concerned that the Brain Tuner was not working well for me. But by week's end, I noticed that my anxiety level had decreased, as well as my ruminative thinking, something that has plagued me for years. Into that weekend, I met with friends and surprised myself by being much more relaxed than usual, and I talked and laughed more. That is when I realized that it was the Brain Tuner. I do not take anti-anxiolytic medications because, being a nurse, I have a fear of dependence on medications in that class. Most days I noticed that my mood was lighter, I was more relaxed, and miracle of miracles, the ruminating was almost nonexistent!

This may or may not be pertinent, but one night I had some wine at a party and came home and did my session. I think the wine did not help, so I haven't had any more. I was a bit "down" the next day, and I think the wine negates the effects of the Brain Tuner! I did not have much wine either, a couple of glasses, but I am not much of a drinker so it does not take much for me.

My anxiety level, especially social anxiety, has decreased substantially. I am more relaxed, and more jovial. The changes are very subtle but definitely there. I have spent a good deal of time in therapy for my anxiety, and cannot believe what this little machine has done for me. I would not consider missing a session.

I am so grateful to the company providing this unit, for making this an affordable solution for those of us at the end of our rope. I haven't felt this good in years!

This has been a lifesaver for me. While I do still have some anxiety some days, it is not nearly as prevalent or disturbing as before. I sleep now, quite well, and go to bed earlier than I was before Brain Tuner.

Several months later now, my Brain Tuner still works great. I use it only once to twice a week now, and I am having the same great results. I would not be without it.

I believe I got my life back and cannot help but be excited about that.

H.M., Louisiana, USA
\ I had lost the ability to laugh and had become very introverted … \
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