Ozonated Water Recharges Hikers
P.M., California, USA

During a recent weekend, we were hiking up to a hot spring at 6,000 feet which was very steep. Two of us drank at least 1-2 gallons of ozonated water a day that we also also electrically charged with frequencies. It was no problem drinking that much due to the heat. In essence I believe it helped us in functioning at the higher altitude and in stamina as well.

We ozonated the water while traveling in the car and anytime we felt thirsty. I ran the machine through the cigarette lighter adapter. We drank the water immediately after ozonating it. For the hike we drank as much we could before hitting the hill, but did not carry any due to the glass weight etc.

I had my photo gear and heavy tripod on me and we were still able to march up to the top. Then we drove up to 10,000 feet and got out of the car and started hiking up even higher. We had no issue with that either. Usually at 10,000 feet I find it hard to breathe. So I think the ozonated/energized water works.

Western medicine claims there is no cure for altitude sickness. Well, I'm here to tell, that I had serious altitude sickness a decade ago. I was almost unable to walk or get up on my feet at 9,000 feet. Now with the improved me and possibly with the help of the ozonated and electrically charged up water, I had no issue whatsoever.

I believe ozone is the key to oxygenation of the blood.

P.M., California, USA
\ Usually at 10,000 feet I find it hard to breathe. \
Water Ozonation , Energy, Fatigue
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