A Life Changing Experience
A.D., Victoria, Australia

I purchased the Brain Tuner and I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with it. It has literally changed my life.

I've had chronic anxiety since the age of 7. Over the years, I've dragged myself through life never prepared for anything emotionally and/or mentally. Every new experience was a daunting one requiring weeks sometimes months of preparation depending on its significance. I've developed many coping mechanisms which have helped me to achieve quite a lot considering my circumstances. I've done everything from adopting other people's personas to convincing myself not to care about my feelings of fear. None are foolproof and coping mechanisms never resolve the issue ... it just adds a layer of justification offering some short-term relief if you're lucky.

I had never actually known what it felt like to be truly happy or excited about anything. It makes me emotional when I think about it. We're supposed to enjoy life. Anxiety makes you anticipate the worst case scenario in every situation. It's certainly no way to live.

When my fiancée of 5 years started planning our wedding, I instantly began to panic. The very thought of getting married scared me to the core. It was quite literally my worst nightmare. Not because I didn't want to marry this beautiful soul, but because the process of marriage is so overwhelming for someone like me, not to mention the responsibility and significance it represents. I've followed Dr. Hulda Clark's career for 6 years in relation to parasite zapping and more recently learned about Dr. Beck and discovered his Brain Tuner purely by accident on You Tube.

I purchased a Brain Tuner and received it 30 days before my wedding at which time I had been suffering on average one panic attack a day for the week prior. I was not functioning at all and found myself consumed by irrational fear and laying in the fetal position day and night. My fiancée who understands my situation was extremely concerned and even considered canceling the wedding. I had confidence in Bob Beck's technology for two reasons: I trusted Beck and the number 111.11, representing the operational frequency of the Brain Tuner, was significant to me. I began using it and instantly the panic attacks stopped. This was a good sign. I was still very nervous and was a long way from recovery. Day after day, however, I felt progress. My mental strength was building and the overwhelming feeling of fear was dissipating. It took 25 days with 20 minute on Mode 1 twice a day morning and night to turn me into a new man.

I stood and watched my wife walk down the aisle and was not only completely calm and relaxed, I actually enjoyed every moment of our ceremony and reception. I also addressed our guests and delivered my speech with confidence and emotion. It was a feeling I'll savor for the rest of my life. I remember looking around at a nervous family, stressed about their respective roles and here I was absolutely calm as if I was in the eye of the storm. I never thought it was possible ...

Thanks to Dr. Beck for making this possible.

A.D., Victoria, Australia
\ I was not functioning at all and found myself consumed by irrational fear and laying in the fetal position day and night. \
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