Free from Hep C
D.C., California, USA

I served in the Vietnam War. I was released from service after 3 years. I did not know that I had contracted hepatitis C.

For the next 9 or 10 years I was occasionally very ill. During these periods, I would not have any energy. My whole body ached and I was depressed. After testing, I was diagnosed as having the most severe form of hepatitis, hepatitis C.

I was prescribed two medications for a 6-month period, interferon and rebatron. I suffered immensely from these medications but was told that they were the only things that would help. I became very depressed and spent most of my time in bed crying. I had to be off work completely. After 6 months, there was no improvement to my viral load at all. I was then placed on another 6-month treatment. Not only are these medications hugely expensive but they also have negative side-effects. Over and over I would experience traumatic events from the past. I also experienced suicidal thoughts.

After a year I was finished with the interferon treatment. Within 3 weeks my viral load was up to its original number. The entire year on medication had not made any difference to my condition and I was now considered "non-respondent." This meant that I was no longer eligible for treatments of any kind under my health plan.

A friend told me about the Bob Beck Protocol. I decided to try this as my next option. I used blood electrification 4 or 5 hours per day and drank 4 or 5 liters of pure clean water everyday. I also took ionic colloidal silver and used the magnetic pulsing unit. Within 6 weeks I was out of bed. I knew that I had to flush my system thoroughly after all the time spent on medication. I found the use of the units relaxing for me. I also spent a lot of time in meditation. I was committed to healing on all levels.

The use of the Beck units is now part of my lifestyle. I continue to use them everyday. I do take occasional breaks of only a week or two. If I begin to not feel well during this time I know it is time to return to pulsing, drinking ionic colloidal silver and applying the magnetic pulsing unit. I am also a vegetarian, take supplements, and meditate regularly.

As a result of my experiences, I now give talks to other Veterans who have the same condition I had or other health conditions. I teach them that there are healthier ways to improve their health and their lives.

I am grateful for my health and the opportunity to help others.

D.C., California, USA
\ I became very depressed and spent most of my time in bed crying. I had to be off work completely. \
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