Senate Candidate Blue
S.J., Montana, USA

Three years ago I received national media attention while running as a Montana Libertarian candidate for the U.S. Senate. The reason for my fame was my skin color. Headlines declared "Senate Candidate Blue Literally."

A few months earlier, some friends and relatives mentioned that they noticed my face was looking a bit gray or bluish. Others, however, hadn't noticed any difference. When I took a closer look, I noticed a slight bluish tinge under my eyes and around my nose. My face wasn't as blue as the picture featured in the media but under different lights the camera picks up different tones. Other media photos were obviously colored to make their stories more sensational.

Nearly a year before I became a media celebrity, I had noticed a blue color under my fingernails. At the time, I hadn't heard of argyria and I was in great health so I wasn't concerned. I now know that drinking large quantities of colloidal silver with larger particles of silver can, over time, discolor the nails and skin. As we all know, silver darkens when exposed to light and that may be what was happening to me.

Here is how my argyria developed. While living in Seattle, I heard that colloidal silver was a natural antibiotic. Drinking colloidal silver could prevent colds and flu and may prevent other diseases. I made my own 27-Volt generator and made the colloidal silver solution by immersing the silver wires in an eight-ounce paper cup filled with tap water and about four drops of a salt solution. I ran the unit for eight minutes and consumed this each day. In Seattle, the tap water is low in minerals so I added the salt solution to increase the conductivity of the water.

Six years ago I moved to Montana. The tap water here is rich in minerals so the drops of salt were no longer necessary to get a good current. I decided to make a stronger solution of the silver and add it to my drinking water that I kept in the refrigerator. I let the generator operate for 1 to 1 1/2 hours. This was producing a solution with higher parts per million (PPM) and, I realize now, several silver compounds as the silver was combining with the minerals in the water. I added this milky solution to two gallons of drinking water. This was my main source of drinking water throughout the day. I usually drank about 4 to 6 glasses of this silver solution each day.

A company in Florida had me reproduce the solution that I made and had it analyzed by an independent laboratory. After calculations were made it was determined that I had about seven (7) lifetimes of colloidal silver in my body (at the rate of eight ounces of 100 PPM per day). I no longer take colloidal silver (except topically) but still recommend it to my friends. There are no toxic affects to argyria. I am very healthy.

S.J., Montana, USA
\ I now know that drinking large quantities of a silver solution with larger particles of silver can, over time, discolor the nails and skin. \
Editors Note:
With constant current, the particle size of the colloidal silver remains small—reducing the risk of argyria.We recommend using distilled water only and using a constant current unit. Our website offers more information on the risk of argyria and ways to possibly reverse the condition.
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