Multiple Sclerosis Halted
R.Z., Florida, USA

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis six years ago. I experienced chronic pain in my legs, would be very klutzy and developed a speech impediment. I began using a medication called Copaxin. The monthly cost for this medication was $1500. When this medication did not agree with me, I didn’t know what avenue to take. Someone then suggested a wrist pulsing unit. I did research and decided anything is better than nothing.

I began using the wrist pulsing unit for blood electrification the following year and have continued using it through to the present. Within a year, I was able to discontinue my medication completely. Wrist pulsing keeps my Multiple Sclerosis manageable and keeps it from progressing any further. My symptoms are the same but I have stopped the disease from progressing by using an affordable natural alternative. I pulse everyday for 2 hours.

I am still not taking any Multiple Sclerosis medication and my yearly MRI has had no change since the initial finding. I contribute this to blood electrification.

For me, this product has been a miracle and I would recommend anyone to use it. Thank you!

R.Z., Florida, USA
\ Within a year, I was able to discontinue my medication completely. \
Editors Note:
R.Z.'s experience shows us that while the Beck technology has been helpful to her over the years, it is also important to understand this technology is not a panacea and has its limitations. We simply don't know the full benefits or the limitations yet. We are grateful that she feels she was able to halt the progression of her MS for so long.
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