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Earlier Articles by Bob Beck

Bob was a popular speaker and that was his preferred way to let us know about his discoveries. However, a few of his articles were published in science journals. His writings include his research on:

  • Blood electrification (micropulsing), as he felt this technology for the use of microcurrents was his greatest contribution to mankind.
  • The brain and his discovery of how Extremely Low Frequencies (ELFs) affected behavior, as he wanted to warn us of the dangers.
  • He also wrote Handbooks to explain the use, and sometimes how to build, other technologies he designed.

This resource is a list of Bob’s published articles as well as some of the research reports and handbooks he distributed himself. The items range from the most recent in 1998 to as early as 1963.

Image of Bob Beck
Image of Explore Magazine

Articles About the Beck Protocol

Bob Beck had five articles related to the Beck Protocol published in Explore! magazine:

  • “An Introduction to My Research,” Explore! Volume 8, Number 4, 1998. Read Now >
  • “A New Paradigm for Instant Healing,” Explore! Volume 8, Number 4, 1998. Read Now >
  • “Total Cancer Recoveries with Blood Electrification and Silver Colloid Ingestion,” Explore! Volume 7, Number 3, 1996. Read Now >
  • “A Few Unique Plus Traditional Uses for Silver Colloid,” Explore! Volume 7, Number 2, 1996. Read Now >
  • “A Proposed Experimental/Theoretical, Noninvasive, Nonpharmaceutical, In Vivo Method for Rapid Neutralization of HIV Virus in Human Subjects,” Explore! Volume 7, Number 1, 1996. Read Now >

Articles About Earlier Research on the Brain

Three of Bob’s earlier published articles, plus a bibliography, are in PDF format for reading. These articles are about his research detecting and measuring subtle frequencies that influence the brain and behavior.

  • ELF Waves and EEG Entrainment: A Psychotronic Warfare Possibility

    This publication was originally a lecture and slide presentation Bob gave at the 1978 US Psychotronic Association conference. This lecture was published as a series of articles in six issues of the Journal of Borderland Research in 1980. The articles present an opportunity to glimpse a fascinating period in Bob’s life as he sleuthed and made known the penetrating ability of ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) waves and their potential to alter human behavior.

  • “Occult” Influences in Health and Disease

    After inventing a portable, yet amazingly sensitive instrument, to detect and measure subtle vibrations, Bob wrote of the threat these energies pose. In the article, he explains his reason for using the term “occult.” Published in the Archaeus Journal, Summer 1984.

  • Mood Modification with ELF Magnetic Fields: A Preliminary Exploration

    Using his sophisticated instrumentation, Bob wrote of his discoveries of how extremely low frequencies have the ability to alter human behavior. Published in an Archaeus Journal in 1986.

  • Subliminal Warfare

    Bob wrote of his discovery of the psychoactive effects from extra low frequencies (ELFs). At the time of his research in the late 70s, Bob had invented an instrument capable of picking up the extremely low frequencies that had an effect on the brain and behavior. Published in Nexus, January/February 1992.

  • Bibliography on the Psychoactivity of Electromagnetic Fields

    Bob’s findings in his “Mood Modification...” article were so radical, he was asked for an extensive bibliography. His friend, Eldon Byrd, a recognized scientist as well, assisted Bob to assemble a bibliography. Printed in a 1986 Archaeus Journal.

  • Articles by Bob Beck on Light and Sound

    The Psychedelic Visual Effects for The Trip

    In "Creating the Psychedelic Visual Effects for The Trip,” Bob Beck describes the techniques he used and provides a glimpse into his experiences working with Roger Corman to produce the movie. Bob’s unique and original psychedelic effects for the movie speak of an era in his life when his accomplishments in photography led to a teaching position in cinematography at the University of Los Angeles in the 1960s.

  • Basic Tools for Sound Energizing or Toning

    Bob constantly experimented with health therapies. Shortly before he discovered the research that led to the Beck Protocol, he developed technology to apply Sound Toning. Bob gave one lecture and published an article in Explore! magazine featuring his brief exploration of Sound Toning and the unique technology he introduced.