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Glossary of Terms

Beck Protocol

Also known as the Bob Beck Protocol.

Bio Tuner

See Brain Tuner.

Blood Electrification

Old terminology for micropulsing. See micropulsing.

Bob Beck Protocol

A health protocol developed by Dr. Robert (Bob) C. Beck, D.Sc. It includes four parts. The first and key part is called micropulsing or blood electrification. The second is magnetic pulsing, the third is making ionic colloidal silver and the fourth is freshly ozonating water.

Brain Tuner

A Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES) unit sometimes referred to as the black box. Now known as the Bio Tuner. Cranial Electrical Stimulation applies frequencies to the body using electrodes, usually in the form of ear clips. CES is a well-researched technology that is recognized in many countries.

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Colloidal Silver

A silver solution also known as ionic colloidal silver, ionic silver or silver water.

Colloidal silver was the original term for a solution containing silver. When using distilled water to make a silver solution with Bob Beck’s simple electrical method, the solution is largely ionic, so ionic colloidal silver is a more accurate term.

Ionic Colloidal Silver

See colloidal silver. Drinking ionic colloidal silver is the third part of the Beck Protocol.

Magnetic Pulsing

Also known as pulsed magnetic fields (PMFs) or pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs).

Magnetic pulsing is the second step in the Bob Beck Protocol. When a pulsed magnetic field is applied to the body, a gentle level of electricity, or microcurrent, is created wherever the coil of a magnetic pulse generator is placed.


Sometimes used to describe micropulsing or blood electrification. This is a common term that describes many types of units that output ‘micro’ or small levels of electricity.

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Microcurrent Therapy

Refers to the application of microcurrents to the body.


Also known as blood electrification, blood cleansing, blood purifying, or microcurrent therapy.

Micropulsing is the first and central part of the Beck Protocol. Micropulsing is the application of microcurrents, a gentle level of electricity, over the main arteries on the wrist using covered electrodes.

Ozonating Water

Also known as ozonizing water. After adding ozone to water, it can be referred to as ozonated water.

When Bob Beck recognized that drinking “ozonated,” or “ozonized” water as he often called it, was a safe way to use ozone to help flush toxins from the body, it became the fourth part of the Beck Protocol.