Bob Beck
Bob Beck and the Beck Protocol
Bob Beck created the Beck Protocol, a natural health, bioelectric protocol designed to help the body heal itself. Bob was known as Robert C. Beck or, as he preferred, Bob Beck. This site is the official source for information on Bob Beck's life and his work. Bob's passion for using technology to help us heal led him to discover five steps for health. The five steps include the use of electrotherapy using microcurrents of electricity, known as the Silver Pulser or the Beck Zapper; magnetic therapy using pulsed magnetic fields, known as the Magnetic Pulser; drinking silver colloidal or ionic colloidal silver; drinking ozone water using the Water Ozonator and frequencies to harmonize and relax the brain using the Brain Tuner known as the Bio Tuner.

These five steps are encompassed by units called the Silver Pulser, Magnetic Pulser, Water Ozonator and Bio Tuner. Four of the steps have become known as the Beck Protocol, or the Bob Beck Protocol. Bob was a champion of the people in health matters, as he believed deeply in freely sharing what he discovered.

Bob Beck
Robert C. Beck, D.Sc. (1960's)
Video testimonials are available on Youtube and Vimeo. Please click the icons above the picture of Bob to go to the Bob Beck Protocol Youtube and Vimeo Channels to view the testimonial videos.
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This website is under construction. It will eventually include the story of Bob Beck’s life, revealing his sometimes gruff exterior, his foibles, his warm heart ... his contribution to mankind. It will also include details on the Beck Protocol and how it came to be. Over time, as we sort through the many boxes that comprise Bob's life, we will continually add to this site.
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For now, we invite you to visit Sharing Health for an introduction to Bob Beck and the Beck Protocol -- to learn more about microcurrents, pulsed magnetic fields, ionic colloidal silver, ozonated water and frequencies for the brain.

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Free downloads of some written information will be available on the Bob Beck site and are now available on the Sharing Health site, but if you wish to purchase a hard copy of  learning dvds or the Bob Beck Protocol Handbook, please visit Reality Zone

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Bob Beck fully endorsed the SOTA products so we recommend them.

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