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I did chemotherapy for hodgkin's lymphoma for 7 months nearly one year ago. I had many CT (Computed Tomography) Scans during chemo, which showed a constant shrinking. On the first CT Scan, some of the lymph nodes were as large as 7 cm. I was weak from the chemo but came through it rather well. I am not supposed to scuba dive for the rest of my life I was weak from the chemo but came through it rather well. ... I felt better each day. My hair grew back, my blood cells normalized and I thought I was on the road to recovery. because of lung damage caused from toxic levels of the drug bleomycin, and I have to wear a bracelet to warn doctors of the possible dangers of administering oxygen. I may also have heart damage from the drug, adriamycin. I thought, however, the chemo had done its job.

The CT Scan shortly before finishing the chemo treatments looked good. Lymph nodes do change size normally if you are sick or have an infection, so a very small 1 cm node was noted as "not likely of any significance." I had another CT Scan about 2 months after chemo ended. It showed "mildly enlarged lymph nodes" in the chest area. I was told this may just be normal lymph node swelling and was probably not the return of the cancer.

I felt better each day. My hair grew back, my blood cells normalized and I thought I was on the road to recovery. I went back to work 7 months ago. My weight was back up to 204 lbs. and I had enough energy to do yard work and such. About a month later, I developed a quite severe pain in my prostate. My doctor thought it was probably Prostatitis, an inflammation of the prostate, and I took pills for a month with no relief at all. I am thinking "what now?"

My energy dropped to the point where I could only force myself to push the lawnmower for 10 or 15 minutes and it took 2 or 3 hours laying on the couch to recover. My weight had also dropped to 178 lbs. (thin for me), and the itching had come back. Severe itching and night sweats were the symptoms that led to my original diagnosis two years earlier. I was quite worried when I had my regular 3 month CT Scan.

The CT Scan showed some tumors in my chest had grown back to over 5 cm in size and combined with my other symptoms, the Oncologist told me the hodgkin's disease was back. Since the 8 months of chemo failed, my second and last hope for survival was a "Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant" and I was given only a 40% chance of survival. This involves lying in bed for 30 days straight while they chemo you to completely kill your bone marrow and most of your immune system. Then they put your bone marrow back in and hope you recover……sounds like fun eh? I booked off work again.

Before treatment however, more tests were necessary to determine if I still had the same type of cancer. At this point—it was 5 months ago—I started using the micropulsing unit for blood electrification and drinking ionic colloidal silver. Within one week the itching stopped and so did the prostate pain. I also felt a little stronger.

Two weeks later I had a Bone Marrow biopsy and this came back negative for cancer. A Gallium Scan was also done and this was negative for cancer too. I then had surgery—they cut between my ribs just above my heart and removed some of the largest tumors. Everything came back negative….much to their surprise. They rechecked with the surgeon and Nuclear Medicine—about 2 weeks later they finally called to confirm all the tests. Another CT Scan was booked and it showed the tumors had shrunk. Unable to give a good explanation for my turnaround they decided to just watch me.

There was quite a lot of pain around the surgery site, especially when I breathed, but as soon as it subsided, I was out running 5 km in under 25 minutes. I finally saw a Urologist about my earlier prostate pain. I got a clean bill of health from him too. I went back to work one month after surgery and have felt 100% ever since.

My latest CT Scan two months ago showed no sign of the cancer returning. My Oncologist basically said that it looks like the cancer never did come back and she couldn't explain what happened in August with the sudden tumor growth, weight loss, energy loss and itching. I feel I am totally cured now. I actually stopped pulsing and drinking ionic colloidal silver on the day of my last CT Scan. I will have another CT Scan in 4 months. Even if I didn't pulse long enough and the cancer comes back, I am not so worried. I'll just pulse again for a longer period.

As for my treatment, I pulsed for 2 hours the very first day and never did notice any flu-like symptoms. Although, after 8 months of chemo I may not notice a little thing like that. Some of the people I know did feel sick…flu-like and headaches for a couple of days. I then kept pulsing 2 hours and sometimes even a little more, every single day for about 13 weeks. I even pulsed while I was running. I also used the Magnetic Pulser an hour or 2 each day, sometimes while I was using the micropulsing unit. I was not as regimented about the use of the Magnetic Pulser as I was the Micropulsing unit. In addition, I made 12 ounces of ionic colloidal silver every 3 days and sipped about 4 ounces from my "little brown bottle" throughout the day.

After watching me go from having to stop and rest on the stairs 5 months ago, to running up them 2 at a time and doing 10 km runs on the weekend, a lot of the guys I work with have invested in a micropulsing unit just to clean their blood. Most have noticed more energy. I am still feeling fine!

D.B., British Columbia, Canada
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