Articles and Handbooks by Bob Beck

Bob was a popular speaker and that was his preferred way to let us know about his discoveries. However, a few of his articles were published in science journals. His writings include his research on:

  • Blood electrification (micropulsing) as he felt this technology for the use of microcurrents was his greatest contribution to mankind.
  • The brain and his discovery of how Extremely Low Frequencies (ELFs) affected behavior, as he wanted to warn us of the dangers.
  • He also wrote Handbooks to explain the use, and sometimes how to build, other technologies he designed.

This resource is a list of Bob’s published articles as well as some of the research reports and handbooks he distributed himself. The items range from the most recent in 1998 to as early as 1963.

Articles About The Beck Protocol

Bob Beck had five articles related to the Beck Protocol published in Explore! magazine.

  • “An Introduction to My Research,” Explore! Volume 8, Number 4, 1998.

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  • “A New Paradigm for Instant Healing,” Explore! Volume 8, Number 4, 1998.

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  • “Total Cancer Recoveries with Blood Electrification and Silver Colloid Ingestion,” Explore! Volume 7, Number 3, 1996.

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  • “A Few Unique Plus Traditional Uses for Silver Colloid,” Explore! Volume 7, Number 2, 1996.

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  • “A Proposed Experimental/Theoretical, Noninvasive, Nonpharmaceutical, In Vivo Method for Rapid Neutralization of HIV Virus in Human Subjects,” Explore! Volume 7, Number 1, 1996.

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