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About Us

About Bob Beck Legacy

As the founder of the Bob Beck Legacy Association, I have the honor of caring for the effects and personal papers of Dr. Robert C. Beck, DSc.

Bob Beck’s contributions to humanity and his highly interesting life are largely unknown. He had no children, so there is no family to carry on the memory of all he did and who he was. Because of this I am grateful to be able to play a part in sharing Bob’s work with you as a tribute to who he was—a physicist with a wide range of accomplishments, an inventor who had a passion to apply technology for the betterment of mankind, and a man with many interests. Bob was truly a renaissance man. I am especially grateful to be caring for this site on behalf of the thousands of people worldwide who have personally heard his message and subsequently enjoy the benefits of improved health, as well as those who have yet to discover the benefits of his work.

I gratefully acknowledge the small, merry band of individuals who have helped with this project. We have nothing to sell so we can freely share the most responsible, accurate and balanced information about The Beck Protocol.

My personal background with the Bob Beck Protocol and exposure to the regulatory climate of government concerning health started when I worked for a manufacturer from 2000 to 2003. Most of my time I worked as their regulatory correspondent with government and as their clinical study facilitator. That was an eye-opening education for me, as until that time, I had no idea of the bias that exists in the scientific and medical establishments as well as among government regulators. My experience ignited a passion within me to bring the news about the work of Bob Beck to all who are interested. So, after some world travels, I am happy to be the caretaker for this site.

I invite you to browse and enjoy the testimonials as well as the in-depth information about Bob, his work and his legacy.

Welcome! ~Vicki